How long is High on Life?

If you're wondering how long High on Life is going to take to complete, we've got all the details about the length and main story

High on Life length and mission list: The protagonist holds a sentient gun against the backdrop of a colourful planet

Just how long is High on Life? The narrative game from Justin Roiland’s Squanch Games takes you on the journey of a bounty hunter as you finally find your calling in life. Accompanied by some sentient weapons that might remind you of your favourite Rick and Morty or Solar Opposites characters, you probably won’t want the story to end, but it’s still useful to know how long you’ll be roaming the cosmos.

As with most story games, High on Life won’t require too much of your time to complete but will offer some side quests and additional adventures if you want to prolong your stay in space. This colourful, planetary adventure has been likened to as “Metroid Prime, but funny”, but do check out our High on Life review for our impressions. So, how long can we plan on being high on life?

How long will High on Life take to complete?

Mike Fridley, the studio director at Squanch Games, revealed that High on Life will take around 10-12 hours to beat the main story. The Microsoft exclusive offers more gameplay for completionists though, if you want to experience “everything the game has to offer”, then you can expect to fire about 25 hours of your time into the game.

Here is the High on Life mission list:

  • Get help
  • Bounty – 9-Torg
  • Bounty – Krubis
  • Bounty – Douglas
  • Bounty – Doctor Giblets
  • Bounty – Skrendel Brothers
  • Blim City Invasion
  • Rescue Lizzie
  • Bounty – Nipulon
  • Bounty – Garmantulous

During the course of the game, you’ll find some sections where you have decisions to make. Either they give you an achievement if you choose to stab Gene, or nothing at all, such is the case with the choice to kill 5-Torg. They also do not impact what you need to do to get the High on Life secret ending.

Either way, keep an eye out and note that, generally, the most violent reaction is the best one. Make sure the FPS game looks its best by checking your setup against the High on Life system requirements, as its quintessential Roiland-style graphics are a huge part of its appeal. If you’re looking for other good games, we have a list of the best PC games of 2022 for you to sift through.