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Hitman 3 update adds a free level full of pirates and sharks

Ambrose Island is a new free location for all Hitman 3 players, challenging you to take out one of Lucas Grey's most talented former fixers

Ready to reinstall Hitman 3, 47? If you’ve put the latest entry in the World of Assassination trilogy back in the vault, you might want to consider bringing it back out. The latest Hitman 3 update is out now, and adds a free new level to the assassination sandbox game, set on a tropical island that’s surrounded by sharks and swarming with rebels and pirates.

On Ambrose Island, you’ll be tracking down and eliminating Noel Crest, a former fixer for Lucas Grey who has since gone rogue and spun up his own gang of international thieves. He’s come to Ambrose Island to link up with your other target, a pirate leader named Akka. Together, the pair plans to raid a tanker ship passing through the Strait of Malacca in order to steal the control module for an important satellite.

Grey is eager to have Crest taken out, and Agent 47’s handlers at ACA already have a contract for Akka that provides the perfect cover story. Taking out Akka would mean covering the costs of the hit on Crest, so 47 will ideally have to track them both down on the densely forested island. Of course, you could always try to figure out when and where they’ll be meeting.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

As with other Hitman 3 locations, Ambrose Island includes its own set of unlockable items and weapons. There are 20 progression levels, and you’ll be able to earn the new emetic gas grenade, Molotov cocktail, guerilla wetsuit, and a kukri machete as you make your way through them.

Ambrose Island is free for all Hitman 3 players, whether you’re playing on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or the PC Game Pass version. It’s not listed as a separate DLC, so you’ll only need to update your copy of the game to the latest version to have it show up. It also supports raytracing, VR, and contracts mode, so you’ll be able to map your own missions if you’re feeling creative.