Hogwarts Legacy art book leak unveils Harry Potter game secrets

The Hogwarts Legacy art book appears to have gotten out early, giving us a look at the in-game map and some of the character menus in the Harry Potter RPG game

Hogwarts Legacy art book leak unveils Harry Potter game secrets

With the Hogwarts Legacy release date fast approaching discussion around the Harry Potter game continues to grow. Now, it looks like people have managed to get their hands on the Hogwarts Legacy art book ahead of release, and are sharing some behind-the-scenes details of the RPG game online.

If you want to go into the game with as little external information as possible, this is your Hogwarts Legacy art book spoiler warning.

A major point of contention comes from an illustration of the Hogwarts castle grounds map. It doesn’t appear to be a direct copy of the final map itself as a description of the image calls it the “early world map,” suggesting it’s more of a concept design.

The images of this Hogwarts Legacy art book leak do certainly look legitimate. It’s also been confirmed by the r/HarryPotterGame subreddit mod team that the art book is making the rounds.

HL map leak from HarryPotterGame

“The mod team has reviewed the leak and the source and we can confirm that some individuals do have an early copy of the art book. The pictures of the art book do appear to be legitimate. We cannot verify claims based on the art book such as ‘I read the book and it said this’ but at least one user we have been in contact with has a copy.”

Official Art Book leaked. Full map, locations, characters etc. from HarryPotterGame

There are some more general images of the Hogwarts Legacy art book, but the most interesting is the image of the character menu. You can see how you can select different wands, gloves, headgear, neckwear, robe/cloaks, outfits, flying Hogwarts Legacy mounts, and brooms. While that might not be the biggest surprise, it’s cool to see how you’ll customise your character alongside some Hogwarts Legacy spells.

If you want to know even more about the upcoming Harry Potter game we’ve got the Hogwarts Legacy system requirements here for you, alongside a breakdown of how long Hogwarts Legacy is too.

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