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Should you steal a Fwooper feather in Hogwarts Legacy?

In your first Potions class in Hogwarts Legacy, Garreth will ask you to steal a Fwooper feather. Here’s the lowdown on whether you should help him or not.

Hogwarts Legacy steal Fwooper feather: Garreth Weasley

Wondering whether to steal the Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper feather? Knowing whether to help Garreth in Potions class is a tricky one because, on one hand, you want to give a good first impression to Professor Sharp as the new fifth-year student. On the other hand, Garreth’s “spectacular” potion is sure to be excellent, and you want to make friends and allies during your time at Hogwarts.

This isn’t the only decision you’ll need to make in Hogwarts Legacy, but it is one of the earliest, and Garreth does make a good case for himself in the RPG game. It’s fairly simple to steal the feather – all you need to do is pick it up when you enter Sharp’s office, alongside the ingredients you’re actually in there for – but will you get in trouble? Here are the two outcomes of the Potions class decision on whether to steal the Fwooper feather in Hogwarts Legacy or not.

Hogwarts Legacy steal Fwooper feather:: Garreth's potion going wrong

Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper feather outcomes

It doesn’t actually matter whether you steal the Fwooper feather or not because the outcome is mostly the same either way. If you steal the Fwooper feather from Professor Sharp’s office, after you brew your Edurus Potion as instructed by Sharp, Garreth’s cauldron will start making some funky noises, followed by a few colourful explosions. Professor Sharp then has a word with you about helping Mr. Weasley brew chaos, and even if you deny the accusations, he suggests you start taking accountability for your actions.

If you decide not to steal the Fwooper feather for Garreth, he says he’ll figure out another way to make the potion work. The outcome is still the same though – Garreth messes the potion up and gets told off by Professor Sharp, though you’ll remain in the teacher’s good books if you don’t commit larceny.

That’s all there is to this decision – you’d be forgiven for thinking you could unlock a new potion early by helping Garreth, but his brewing skills are below par, so it doesn’t play out that way. Now you know all about the Fwooper feather choice in Potions class, make sure you read up on all the Hogwarts Legacy potions, spells, and talents, as all three are vital for your journey through the wizarding world. Alternatively, take a look at our list of the best PC games available to play right now.

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