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Hogwarts Legacy potions explained

Whether you need to heal, get lucky, or disappear from sight, Hogwarts Legacy potions are an essential part of every wizards kit, so here’s how to brew them.

Hogwarts Legacy potions: two children pour ingredients into a steaming cauldron

Want to know how Hogwarts Legacy potions work? Brewing Hogwarts Legacy potions is an integral part of the school curriculum and a vital tool in your fight against darkness. Potions are small bottles of liquid that imbue the user with various effects when ingested. From Harry Potter lore, these effects vary wildly and are only limited by the creativity of the brewer – growing back broken bones, physical transformations, and even falling in love are not out of the realms of possibility.

During your time in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have the chance to attend potions class and whip up a few concoctions of your own. You also have the opportunity to steal the Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper feather, so give our guide a read to find out whether you should help out your fellow student. Thankfully, there’s no Professor Snape in sight, but you’re still going to have to keep your concentration levels up.

How to brew Hogwarts Legacy potions

To brew potions in Hogwarts Legacy, you must collect the required ingredients and take them to a potion station. You must purchase recipes from J. Pippin’s Potion store in Hogsmeade to brew potions with different effects.

If you haven’t reached the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement just yet, you may have to rely on the potion station found in the Potions Classroom. The first time you’re asked to brew a potion in class, you have to follow a series of quick-time events, but this sequence only occurs once.

Hogwarts Legacy potions: J. Pippin's Potion shop showing off his inventory

Every Hogwarts Legacy potion

There are a few Hogwarts Legacy spells in the Harry Potter series that don’t appear in the game. We think this may have to do with most of the potions in the RPG game having an effect in combat first and foremost. You don’t have access to fancy drinks like Polyjuice potion in Hogwarts Legacy, but we do have a list of the potions you can use at school.

Here are all of the Hogwarts Legacy potions:

  • Wiggenweld potion: Restores a portion of your health bar when consumed. Costs 100 Galleons.
  • Maxima potion: Increases your spell damage for a limited amount of time. Costs 300 Galleons.
  • Invisibility potion: Renders you invisible to most enemies for a short time. Compared to the Hogwarts Legacy spell, Disillusionment, the potion is much stronger and can be used to escape from enemies who have already spotted you. Costs 500 Galleons.
  • Edurus potion: Creates a rock-like layer over your entire body, increasing the drinker’s defense. Costs 300 Galleons.
  • Focus potion: Reduces the cooldown time on your spells. Costs 500 Galleons.
  • Thunderbrew: Creates a storm above the drinker’s head which damages and stuns any nearby enemies. Can be used with the invisibility potion to hurt enemies without being detected. Costs 1,000 Galleons.
  • Felix Felicis: Increases your luck for a short period of time. This potion can only be obtained in the PlayStation 5 version of Hogwarts Legacy by pre-ordering the game.

Hogwarts Legacy potions: A Slytherin student crushing up ingredients using a pestle and mortar

All Hogwarts Legacy potion ingredients

Brewing your own potions can be a time-consuming task, but you’ll save a lot of cash in the long run instead of paying Parry Pippin’s extortionate prices.

Here are all of the Hogwarts Legacy potion ingredients:

  • Mongrel Fur: Clumps of fur gathered from mongrels. Used to create the Edurus potion. Costs 50 Galleons.
  • Troll Bogeys: Thick mucus obtained from trolls. Used to create the Invisibility potion. Costs 100 Galleons. Alternatively, use our Hogwarts Legacy troll bogeys guide to find more if the store runs out of stock.
  • Leaping Toadstool Caps: Leaping mushrooms that are commonly found in forested areas. Used to create the Invisibility potion. Costs 150 Galleons.
  • Leech Juice: Bottled leech juice can be found near waterfronts. Used to create both the Maxima potion and Thunderbrew. Costs 150 Galleons.
  • Spider Fang: The venom from spider fangs can be harnessed to brew potions. Used to create the Maxima potion. Costs 50 Galleons.
    Stench of The Dead: Essence gathered from the Inferi. Used to create Thunderbrew.
  • Lacewing Flies: Delicate wings commonly found in open fields. Used to create Focus potion. Costs 100 Galleons.
  • Horklump Juice: Juice gathered from small creatures that resemble mushrooms that hide underground. Used to create Wiggenweld potion. Costs 50 Galleons.
  • Dugbog Tongue: Picked directly from the mouths of Dugbogs. Used to create the Focus potion. Costs 100 Galleons.
  • Ashwinder Eggs: These eggs can be found in dwellings and abandoned campfires. Used to create the Edurus potion. Costs 150 Galleons.

Hogwarts Legacy potions: The brewing menu when you use a potion station in Hogwarts Legacy

Every Hogwarts Legacy potion recipe

While you can simply purchase the potions you need from J. Pippin’s Potion store, we highly recommend saving up your money so you can purchase each recipe instead. J. Pippin only sells a finite amount of each potion, and you’re going to need all of the potion recipes at some point during the school year.

Here are the ingredients required for the Hogwarts Legacy potion recipes:

  • Wiggenweld potion recipe: 1x Horklump Juice, 1x Dittany Leaves. Brewing time takes 15 seconds.
  • Maxima potion recipe: 1x Leech Juice, 1x Spider Fang. Brewing time takes 30 seconds.
  • Invisibility potion recipe: 1x Leaping Toadstool Cap, 1x Knotgrass Sprig, 1x Troll Bogey. Brewing time takes one minute.
  • Edurus potion recipe: 1x Ashwinder Eggs, 1x Mongrel Fur. Brewing time is 30 seconds.
  • Focus potion recipe: 1x Lacewing Flies, 1x Fluxweed Stem, 1x Dugbog Tongue. Brewing time takes one minute.
  • Thunderbrew recipe: 1x Leech Juice, 1x Shrivelfig Fruit, 1x Stench of The Dead. Brewing time takes one and a half minutes.

Hogwarts Legacy potions: the in-game wheel showing potions and other items to use in combat

How to use Hogwarts Legacy potions

If you weren’t paying attention in potions class during the Hogwarts Legacy quest, you might not remember how to use potions in-game. Luckily for you, it’s as easy as holding down the LB/L1 button on your controller to bring up the items wheel. From there, select the potion you want to use with the right stick and let go of the menu button to equip it. Once you have the potion selected, press LB/L1 to drink the potion. The only exception to this is the healing potion, otherwise known as the Wiggenweld Potion which is always assigned to down on the d-pad.

Combining your new-found knowledge of Hogwarts Legacy potions with your arsenal of spells and your ever-increasing talents means that nothing can stand in your way. Check out how to import your house and wand into Hogwarts Legacy to really personalise your time in the wizarding school. And if you’re looking for high-quality titles, here are the best PC games to spend your free time on.

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