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New Hogwarts Legacy gameplay teased as devs “keenly aware” you want it

More Hogwarts Legacy gameplay has been teased by Avalanche, as players eagerly await more news on next year's Harry Potter RPG game

New Hogwarts Legacy gameplay teased as devs "keenly aware" you want it: Slytherin students stands ready to battle in a crypt

More Hogwarts Legacy gameplay could be on the way soon, as developer Avalanche Software has talked about upcoming reveals and showcases for the Harry Potter RPG game ahead of its release early next year.

While there’s no date confirmation on the next Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase just yet, some tweets from Avalanche’s community manager Chandler Wood talk about what the team is working on for the fantasy game and how they’re acutely aware of your expectations.

“It’s been a busy summer; we hope you like what we’ve shown so far! And even with summer at an end, we’re already working hard on the next thing (and the next and the next…). No specifics yet, but we’re keenly aware you’ve been asking to see more gameplay…” says Wood.

This is by no means confirmation of a big and imminent gameplay drop for Hogwarts Legacy, but Wood saying that Avalanche is “keenly aware” of you all wanting to see more gameplay appears to point to more heavily gameplay focused content in the future.

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Wood also responded to a comment, saying the next Hogwarts Legacy showcase will be coming before January of next year, giving a small timeframe update for when we can expect to see more of the Harry Potter game.

So, we can expect to see some more Hogwarts Legacy gameplay at some point this year, but the form of the showcase, be it in a trailer or through extended and uncut footage, remains to be seen.

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