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Hogwarts Legacy early access time and when you can play

Learn when you can get Hogwarts Legacy early access and become a witch or a wizard in the upcoming open-world game in the Harry Potter universe.

Hogwarts Legacy early access - a Ravenclaw student from Hogwarts descending into a cave.

Want to get Hogwarts Legacy early access and play the game before release? We’re in early access now, and it’s an important time for many Harry Potter fans. It’s the first time you, through the guise of a transfer student, become one of the witches and wizards studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

But while you could always wait until the Hogwarts Legacy release date and play it at the same time as most other people, you have the option to start the RPG game right now instead. Get in early and start getting to grips with the colossal school grounds with your Hogwarts Legacy map in hand, answer the questions in the Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat quiz, and get ahead of your friends meeting all the new Hogwarts Legacy characters – from students to professors, and even terrifying villains. So how do you get involved right now? Here’s everything you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy early access.

Hogwarts Legacy early access - a wizard duelling an Ashwinder Scout in a Dark Arts Arena.

How to get Hogwarts Legacy early access

To get the Hogwarts Legacy early access on PC, you must have preordered the Hogwarts Legacy: Deluxe Edition. Doing this gives you the Onyx Hippogriff Mount and the chance to jump into the action early. The deluxe edition is available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In addition to early access, Hogwarts Legacy: Deluxe Edition on PC includes the Dark Arts Battle Arena, Dark Arts Cosmetic Set, Dark Arts Garrison Hat, and Thestral Mount. If you’ve already preordered the standard edition, you sadly won’t have early access to Hogwarts’ hallowed halls, but you will at least be able to fly around on your exclusive Onyx Hippogriff Mount preorder bonus.

If you’ve not already, before you go buying anything, we recommend you check that your rig can run the game by checking our Hogwarts Legacy system requirements guide. You can also import your house and wand in Hogwarts Legacy, if you want to get a head start at donning the Sorting Hat, as well as a few rewards for linking your WB account. If you’d rather start your education from scratch, then at least check out the best Hogwarts Legacy wand Ollivander has to offer.

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