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Hogwarts Legacy release date for December hinted by Amazon

While fans still don't know the proper Hogwarts Legacy release date other than 'this holiday' Amazon may have leaked a December release - thanks to a book

You'll be able to wear the sorting hat when the Hogwarts Legacy release date hits

At the moment, Harry Potter fans still have no exact idea about the Hogwarts Legacy release date other than a vague ‘holiday 2022,’ which suggests around December time. Now, a book on Amazon may have just confirmed exactly that – and a specific launch date, too.

We’ve known about the tie-in book The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy for a while now, which will likely launch alongside the game – and when it initially popped up it was targeting a September release. This was knocked back to a placeholder date, but this has recently been updated on Amazon UK (thanks Reddit) to the very specific December 6, 2022. It seems likely that this is the final date, now.

Now, there is no indication for sure that this is also the Hogwarts Legacy game release date, but it has to be the same day or shortly after – it is a tie-in book, after all. However, Warner Bros Games also has a similar book for its other game Gotham Knights, and that releases on the same day – October 25.

Furthermore, aside from the December release making a lot of sense, December 6 is a Tuesday. Every Warner Bros game this year has released on a Tuesday, such as Gotham Knights and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, so it’s suspicious that this art book is doing the same.

Until WB Games announces the proper Hogwarts Legacy release date this is just speculation, but if correct, that announcement may arrive sooner rather than later if Amazon already knows about it. We’ll have to wait and see for now.

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