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Does Hogwarts Legacy run on Steam Deck?

Playing Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck is possible but you'll need to make use of the game's low settings and AMD FSR upscaling to get a playable frame rate.

Key art for Hogwarts Legacy on a Steam Deck, featuring a wizard with their back turned, armed with a wand with a glowing blue light at its tip

Does Hogwarts Legacy run on Steam Deck? Given the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy is filled with so many things to discover and places to explore, it’s only natural that you’d want to take the Harry Potter spin-off with you on the go. Thankfully, the Steam Deck is capable of doing so, but you’ll need to make a few compromises when it comes to image quality and frame rate.

Just bear in mind that if you have the 64GB model, you’ll need one of the best Steam Deck SD cards in order to fit the game on your portable PC. Thankfully, that’s the only part of the Hogwarts Legacy system requirements you need to worry about.

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Is Hogwarts Legacy Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy is Verified on Steam Deck. Valve has deemed Hogwarts Legacy worthy of its most coveted compatibility commendation, meaning the open-world game should work basically flawlessly on the Steam Deck.

However, you’ll really only be able to play Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck using the game’s ‘Low’ preset, in combination with AMD FSR 2. Even then, a 30fps limit is strongly advised for a more stable experience that avoids frame rate fluctuations.

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