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Honkai Star Rail reveals Bronya’s mysterious past and top-tier skills

Honkai Star Rail’s next Supreme Guardian Bronya is a powerful fighter and sharpshooter who tops the charts with her support buffs in the HoYoverse anime RPG.

Honkai Star Rail Bronya - a grey-haired woman, her hair reflecting with purple light, ponders

A Honkai Star Rail Bronya video gives us a glimpse into the mysterious history of the next Supreme Guardian, as well as revealing why her support buffs and sharpshooting skills have seen her top the Honkai Star Rail tier list at launch. The turn-based anime game from HoYoverse continues to build out its world and characters with another excellent Honkai Star Rail video going over Bronya’s skills and lore.

“Impeccable elegance, an endearing demeanour, and composure that belies her young years – that’s how the people of Belobog see her.” But Bronya has a rebellious streak to her that may or may not have something to do with her close relationship with resistance fighter Seele, who she can be seen accompanying in battle during the recent Seele story trailer.

In battle, Bronya is a wind type that follows the Harmony path. Her basic attack is a single-target burst of wind damage, which also activates her talent Leading the Way to make her next action happen sooner. Her skill, Combat Redeployment, is where she really shines – dispelling a debuff from an ally, while also applying a huge Advance Forward that effectively lets them take action immediately with a massive bonus damage buff.

Bronya can also use Banner of Command, her exploration technique, to boost all allies’ attack for the first few turns of the next battle. Finally, her ultimate – The Belobog March – massively boosts the attack and critical damage of all allies for two turns. These buffs place her firmly as a top-tier pick, as regardless of your team composition or the enemies you’re facing, Bronya will boost your effectiveness massively right out of the gate.

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These in-depth videos are exactly what Honkai Star Rail needs. The free-to-play game is already soaring with industry analyst Daniel Ahmad reporting that Honkai Star Rail racked up over 20 million downloads in the first day after its release, and reached the top spot on the iOS game download chart “in more countries than any prior game.”

However, to many it may have felt somewhat like the Astral Express pulled into the station almost out of nowhere, so helping familiarise the audience with its characters and their stories is a smart move. Also welcome is the video’s brief dive into Bronya’s main battle tactics, as some players – such as those who have come over as fans of HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact – may not be as familiar with Honkai’s turn-based format.

Those of you looking to add Bronya to your team will want to watch the Honkai Star Rail banners closely to see where she’s available. We’ve also got all the current Honkai Star Rail codes you can redeem for bonus items, and you can read our Honkai Star Rail review to see if its world and characters are truly worth your time (and money).