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Best Honkai Star Rail Himeko build

Himeko is a great five-star character in Honkai Star Rail and with this build you’re ready to blow multiple enemies while you sip some coffee.

Check the best Honkai Star Rail Himeko build

Curious about the best Honkai Star Rail Himeko build? Part of the Astral Express crew, Himeko is not only a veteran to whom other characters look up to, but she is also an intelligent woman that commands a powerful energy cannon that comes from the skies to obliterate enemies. She is a solid five-star character whose kit shines when dealing with groups of enemies and cascading Weakness Breaks to quickly kill them.

In Honkai Star Rail there are two possible scenarios when it comes to battles: one strong boss or groups of enemies. While some of the best Honkai Star Rail team comps are great for single targets, others are stellar when dealing with waves of enemies. When considering which characters you can use alongside Himeko to make a great team, don’t forget to check our Honkai Star Rail tier list to know who are the strongest characters in the game.

The best Honkai Star Rail Himeko build includes her ultimate which hits all enemies on the field.

What is the best Himeko build?

The best Honkai Star Rail Himeko build is:

  • Light Cone – Night on the Milky Way
  • Relics – Thief of Shooting Meteor set (four-piece)
  • Planar Ornaments – Talia Kingdom of Banditry set (two-piece)
  • Eidolons – Level Four: Dedication

When compared to other characters in Honkai Star Rail, Himeko shines as a great AoE damage dealer. Himeko’s skill is capable of dealing a good amount of damage to one to three enemies at the same time while she has an ultimate that hits every enemy on the field.

Himeko’s kit shines thanks to her talent, Victory Rush, which attacks enemies after you get three stacks from inflicting weakness break to enemies. This build works around her talent, utilizing it to its best effect.

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Best Himeko Light Cone

The best Himeko Light Cone is:

Light Cone Effect
Night on the Milky Way (five-star) For every enemy on the field, increases the wearer’s attack by 9% up to five stacks. When an enemy is inflicted with weakness break, the damage dealt by the wearer increases by 30% for one turn.
The Seriousness of Breakfast (four-star) Increases the wearer’s damage by 12%. For every defeated enemy, the wearer’s attack increases by 4%, stacking up to three times.

Night on the Milky Way is Himiko’s signature Light Cone, making it easier to synergize with her kit. Besides that, all the other elements of this build were considered in order to maximize the weapon’s secondary effect, increasing damage when an enemy is inflicted with weakness break. Getting one is not difficult, although it might take some time since it’s sold in the Starlight Exchange store for 600 Undying Starlights. Until then, the four-star Light Cone, The Seriousness of Breakfast, also boosts damage and stacks per enemy defeated.

Best Himeko Relics

The best Himeko relics are:

Relic Effect
Thief of Shooting Meteor set (four-piece) Increases the wearer’s break effect by 16%. When the wearer inflicts weakness break on an enemy, regenerates three energy.

Determining what the best relics are for Himeko depends also on the type of build you are aiming for. Since this build is focused on AoE damage and creating combos from weakness break effects, the best set of relics you can go for is the Thief’s Myriad-Faced Mask. With four pieces, this set increases Himeko’s break effect by 16% and when she inflicts weakness break on an enemy, regenerates three energy, meaning her skills will be more readily available too.

With the best Honkai Star Rail Himeko build equipped, she has a central role when it comes to the Astral Express.

Best Himeko Planar Ornaments

The best Planar Ornaments for Himeko are:

Planar Ornament Effect
Talia Kingdom of Banditry Increases the wearer’s break effect by 20%. When the wearer’s speed reaches 145 or higher, the wearer’s break effect increases by an extra 28%.

To complement the build, look for the two-piece Talia Kingdom of Banditry set. This Planar Ornaments set increases Himeko’s break effect even further, making her lethal on the battlefield.

Best Himeko Eidolons

The best Eidolons for Himeko are:

Eidolon Effect
Level Four: Dedication When Himeko’s skill inflicts weakness break on an enemy, she gains one extra point of charge.

When working on Himeko’s build, the Eidolons are the most difficult part to maximize. While her first level is quite good, she really shines after having the fourth and sixth levels, too. The problem is that she is a five-star character, making pulling for her Eidolons a complicated endeavor for free-to-play players. The good news is that she is part of the regular banner and Himeko at her base level is already a solid character.

Himeko Ascension Materials

The Ascension Materials for Himeko are:

  • Extinguished Core
  • Credits
  • Endotherm Chitin
  • Glimmering Core
  • Squirming Core

When it comes to farming Himeko upgrade materials, the process is not complicated. Extinguished Core is dropped by enemies found in places such as Backwater Pass, Rivet Town, and the Simulated Universe. It can also be crafted in the Omni-Synthesizer or earned through assignments.

By completing the Stagnant Shadow at the Silvermane Guard restricted zone, you can earn Endotherm Chitin. Your second option is to craft it using the Omni-Synthesizer. When it comes to farming Glimmering Core and Squirming Core, you can defeat enemies at Blackwater Pass and Rivet Town. To find them, you must have equilibrium level two for the first item while, for the second one, you must be at equilibrium level four. You can find them at the Simulated Universe as well or craft them using the Omni-Synthesizer.

With that, we come to the end of the best Honkai Star Rail Himeko build. If you’re looking for building a strong team comp with other five-star characters you got, be sure to check our best Honkai Star Rail Bailu build, since she’s a strong electric healer. Or you can use our favorite four-star healer, following our best Honkai Star Rail Natasha build for optimum team protection.