How to download Minecraft

If you want to know how to download Minecraft, we have a simple guide for you that'll help you get this beautiful sandbox game up and running in no time

How to download Minecraft - a screenshot shows the beauty of the Minecraft world, which you'll be able to explore once your game is downloaded and installed.

So you want to know how to download Minecraft? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we have a handy breakdown for you. Before you know it, you’ll be fighting zombies, getting blown up by Creepers, and building all kinds of fantastic buildings and constructions.

Asking how to download Minecraft is the first step in a journey that’ll lead you towards one of the most beautiful and innovative games ever created. From its downright ethereal soundtrack to the addictive feeling of just one more trip into the mines (gotta get those diamonds), it’s easy to see how Minecraft became so successful.

The process for downloading the game is going to vary from platform to platform, but we’ve decided to use Amazon and Game Pass as two points of reference here. It’s relatively simple to buy, download, and install Minecraft through Amazon or Microsoft, so it made sense to us to use those two as the basis for this guide. We hope to make this guide simple enough that anybody who’s after their blocky, crafting fix can be playing in no time. We’ve also included a rundown of some of the different versions for clarity’s sake.

Here’s what we’re covering in this guide, so feel free to scroll on down to whatever is most appropriate for you:

  • How to download Minecraft through Game Pass
  • How to download Minecraft through Amazon
  • Different versions of Minecraft

How to download Minecraft through Game Pass

This will vary depending on whether or not you are a current Game Pass subscriber. If you are, here’s how to download Minecraft:

  • Visit the Minecraft page in the Microsoft store.
  • You will see that you have the option to download the game, due to your membership.
  • Click on the download button and follow any subsequent steps which pop up (these may vary slightly depending on your device).

If you are not a Game Pass subscriber, simply sign up to the service via the link below (newcomers get to enjoy the first month for just $1) and then follow the process outlined above.

If you are interested in downloading Minecraft: Java Edition, this is also available with Game Pass if you visit the Minecraft page on the Mojang website.

How to download Minecraft through Amazon

  • Visit the Minecraft product page
  • Purchase the game
  • Under ‘Your Account’ click ‘Games and Software Library’
  • Click on ‘Download’ which appears next to Minecraft

Once the download is complete, you’ll need to complete the installation process. Your next steps may vary depending upon which device you’re using. Some devices open the game automatically, but if your device doesn’t do it by itself, you should find the file and open it manually, then follow the installation process as it appears.

This process should be straightforward. Most likely, you should be asked if you want to install the file, and then you should click yes. After this, most devices ask if you want to open the game once the installation is complete and once this happens, select ‘yes’ and your Minecraft journey can begin.

If you want to download Minecraft on your mobile phone, there are additional steps for you to follow:

  • If you are using Android, go into your phone’s settings, then under security, turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ which allows you to download the Amazon Appstore App from the Amazon website. Once that app is downloaded and installed, follow the process described above. Alternatively, you can download it from the Play Store.
  • If you are using an iPhone, unfortunately, the Amazon Appstore App is not compatible with iOS, but you can purchase Minecraft directly from the Apple App Store.

Different Versions of Minecraft

There are a number of different versions of Minecraft which might cause some confusion to those planning to play the game for the first time. Here’s an overview of the three main versions you are likely to encounter:

  • Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition: nowadays, if you buy Minecraft on PC, you’ll get the Java and Bedrock Editions together. You can read about their differences below
  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition: this is the main version of the game. It has been designed to be an all-encompassing definitive edition, encompassing the Pocket, and Window 10 Editions, along with the majority of editions on consoles and other devices
  • Minecraft: Java Edition: this is the original version of Minecraft which has been available for over a decade. It differs from the Bedrock Edition in that it is only available via the Mojang website, and has been designed so that it is easier to mod
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition: if you plan to play on a mobile device, you may have heard about Minecraft: Pocket Edition. However, this is an outdated version of the game, which has since been absorbed into Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
  • Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition: this also might sound like an option for anybody playing on PC, however, this one has also been merged with Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and is no longer available

Once you have it downloaded and ready, we hope that you have lots of fun playing Minecraft. After you’ve started, you may be interested in our guide on the best Minecraft seeds, as well as our article on cool Minecraft builds, which might give you some inspiration for your own creations.