Steam Greenlight approves 14 more games; badgers, kicking, and darkness all feature


While Valve have admitted there are a number of problems with the Greenlight approval process, the company keep pushing on, trying to get community-approved games carried into the store. Today sees another 14 games make the cut, including some that we’ve covered in our Spotlight on Greenlight feature. Ergo, those developers owe us.

Here are them games what made it through:

A Hat in Time

Among the Sleep



Chasmwe tried out Chasm a ways back when it was being Kickstarted.

Darkwood – we’ve been singing Darkwood’s praises since the release of its first teaser trailer. Here’s our Spotlight coverage.

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cutwe only learned about this one last week, so, that was pretty quick Greenlighters.


Operation Black Mesa

Project Awakened



Shelter – a game that sees you guide badgers to safety. It looks harrowing.


Congratulations developers.