Intel i7 Alder Lake gaming laptop CPU could be 25% faster than AMD equivalent

A new Geekbench listing linked to Gigabyte's Aorus 15 gaming laptop suggests Intel's i7-12800H could pull ahead of AMD's Ryzen mobile offering

Gigabyte gaming laptop from front and back with grey rendered backdrop

Intel’s Alder Lake desktop processors are already taking the gaming PC scene by storm, but whether or not the blue team holds the gaming CPU crown is up for debate. Thanks to a leaked benchmark for Gigabyte’s Aorus 15 YE4 gaming laptop, it looks like the company could be one step closer to the throne, as an upcoming i7-12800H mobile looks to be 25% faster than AMD’s equivalent chip.

According to the Geekbench listing, Intel’s i7-12800H Alder Lake-P scored 1,654 during single-core tests, putting it 345 points ahead of AMD’s Ryzen 5800H. The chip also pulled ahead of the red team’s offerings in multicore performance with a score of 9,618, but the fact it wasn’t able to surpass the Core i7-12700H means early boost clock issues could be hampering this processor’s true abilities.

While the i7-12800H will is probably an impressive piece of kit, its incorrect Geekbench max frequency figure of 28.3GHz suggests the chip isn’t running under normal conditions. That said, Intel’s new hybrid design has already helped the desktop Alder Lake chips surpass AMD’s Zen 3 performance, so perhaps the blue team laptop offerings will naturally follow suit.

Intel’s laptop lineup of Alder Lake CPUs is expected to drop in 2022, so it hopefully won’t be long until we’re able to get a taste of the mobile chip’s true potential. However, while things look promising for the blue team, a Zen 3+ APU could come out swinging against Alder Lake in terms of integrated graphics card performance, and AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 CPU contender could also rise to the challenge if released next year.