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Roguelike Doom will leave Early Access as legally distinct Jupiter Hell in August

After a stern letter from Bethesda prompted a name change, Jupiter Hell is ready for launch

An animated space marine ejects a spent shell from a shotgun in the trailer for Jupiter Hell

First things first: Jupiter Hell is not a Doom game. That issue was cleared up a couple of years ago when Zenimax’s attorneys sent a cease and desist letter to the creator of Doom the Roguelike, which was subsequently rebranded as DRL. Now, after two years in Early Access, Jupiter Hell emerges from the other end of the gore-splattered pipe. It’s a turn-based tactical roguelike game, or as its creators have described it, “like chess, but with shotguns.”

Jupiter Hell is set to leave Early Access August 5, and the launch version is adding a slew of new features. One of those is voiceover work from Mark Meer, who played the male Commander Shepard in the original Mass Effect trilogy. You’ll also see Dante Station, Jupiter Hell’s fourth and final act, which includes a climactic battle against the end boss of the game.

There are also a few new ways to play, too. Trials mode is a “new customizable and moddable way to enjoy Jupiter Hell,” developer ChaosForge says. Arena mode pits you against increasingly difficult enemy waves, while endless mode chucks you into a procedural dungeon that literally never ends – you’ve just got to see how far you can make it.

Finally, classic mode strips out all the story, branching paths, and special levels and lets you focus right in on the turn-based ripping and tearing.

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Jupiter Hell is an interesting combination of slick controls, turn-based roguelike tactics, and RPG progression – if any of those appeals to you, it’s probably worth checking out either on Steam or GOG. Permadeath is a thing, so choose your moves wisely.