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Check out this deep-dive video on Kingdom Come Deliverance 2

The developers of Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 have a nearly 15-minute long featurette that goes into detail on the development of the upcoming RPG.

We’re eager to hear more about Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, which was announced by developer Warhorse Studios this week. Fortunately, the studio has helpfully produced a lengthy featurette that has all kinds of juicy details, along with a generous helping of in-game footage.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, as we’ve reported, is a much more ambitious game than its predecessor. As Warhorse creative director Daniel Vavra explains, that’s a function of resource availability: when Warhorse started work on their RPG game, there were only 11 developers on the team. Now, he says, the studio has grown to 250 people, and they’ve been working on Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 for the past six years.

Here’s the video:

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s a lot to be excited about in the footage they’ve included. The first-person combat looks frantic and brutal, the world is stunningly gorgeous, and there are castle sieges and subterfuge galore.

Some of the systems the developers describe in the video make Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 sound like a true immersive sim. There’s a crime system, for instance, which can result in Henry becoming wanted (or punished) by the law, but average citizens will pick up on your reputation, too.

“When you are, I don’t know, drunk and naked, people will comment about that on the street,” says lead designer Prokop Jirsa. Now, he says, you’ll be able to react to their jeers – you can either apologize in shame, “or you can tell them ‘piss off, man.'”

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