League of Legends’ next Arcane content adds a “new interactive experience”

Riot Games has launched the next phase of Arcane's tie-in event for League of Legends

League of Legends’ big Arcane-themed celebratory bash is in full swing, and developer Riot Games has announced the in-game event’s next phase is here. Called Progress Days – named after a holiday in the gleefully received Netflix show that just launched – the new phase brings a bunch of content to some of the Runeterra universe’s core games, including a “new interactive experience” for the flagship MOBA game.

Progress Days is themed on the Arcane show’s celebration of all things tech, which the people of Piltover celebrate as a holiday. For League of Legends, this new phase of the ongoing tie-in means the arrival of the Council Archives – “a new interactive experience where you can study more of Arcane’s story”, as Riot explains in a press release.

Additionally, this week marks the point at which players can start unlocking champion Jayce’s Arcane skin by winning one (or playing three) games. If you’re keen to get a look at this skin, head to our recent patch notes here. As with all the new Arcane-themed skins, they’ll each be available to grab for 975 RP after December 9.

Here’s a trailer giving you an idea of what’s headed to League, and some of its sister games, for the Arcane celebrations this week:

YouTube Thumbnail

Progress Days is live now and runs until November 13. To see what else is headed to LoL soon, check out our League of Legends patch 11.23 notes at that link.