League of Legends player takes down dragon with only minions

A League of Legends player has shared a video of themselves on Reddit taking down a dragon without anybody else noticing, using only their minions

League of Legends player takes down Dragon with only minions: an ancient figure kneels wearing golden armour

A League of Legends player has showcased just how easy it can be to take a dragon in the MOBA, especially if nobody is paying attention. Yorick can be an absolute menace in the top lane if given a lead; seemingly surrounded at all times by their own ghouls and the Maiden, if you’re playing a champion with poor wave clear then it can be tough to stop the inevitable push by the gravedigger.

The video posted on the League of Legends subreddit shows a Yorkick player casually tossing three of his ghouls into the dragon pit, before walking away to help with the ongoing team fight. The ghouls then proceed to absolutely shred the dragon in no time, while taking very little damage themselves.

Anyone who has struggled against Yorick before knows how annoying those little ghouls can be. Provided the player has half-decent aim with Mourning Mist, the ghouls are agile and numerous, dealing more damage than they have any right to. One thing that’s never crossed my mind before is how they fare against an objective monster alone.

Pretty well is that answer to that never-asked question. The comments below the video are filled with people trying to explain away the damage taken by the ghouls, with one user coming up with the most sensible explanation: “the drake does % hp dmg and it’s reduced by 50% to the ghouls.”

Another commenter chimes in below that: “This is the full answer. Drakes can’t kill anything faster or slower than anything else. The ghouls add their damage reduction and they almost don’t die. Put any tank with a decent amount of resistances and you’d get the same result.”

3 ghouls vs drake (YORICK GAMING) from leagueoflegends

Yorick gaming indeed. The player’s name ‘WhatIsATeam‘ also rings very true here, it’s like they were made for this. It may be my incredibly sheltered life, but I’m constantly surprised with hidden interactions or mechanics in League – every day is a school day, as they say. Just waiting for the next thing to pop up now, like Zoe’s E being able to one-shot Baron if it happens to pass through a Karthus gate while Garen is spinning and Corgi Corki is shaking his booty.

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