Some of League of Legends’ strongest junglers get nerfed next update

Riot's got Taliyah and Udyr among others in its sights for 11.3

Some of the best League of Legends champions for the jungle position are getting the wind knocked out of their sails a tad in the coming League of Legends patch 11.3. Riot Games has revealed its near-finalised plans for the champion buffs, nerfs, and tweaks headed the multiplayer game’s way next week, and Olaf and Taliyah are among those getting dialled down.

Gameplay design director Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter has posted the changelist previews for the MOBA game’s third patch of the season on Twitter, and among the hearty batch of gameplay updates, Taliyah is sat in the nerfs pile. The Stoneweaver is currently a strong pick for the jungler role, given things like her mobility stemming from her passive, and flexibility in how you build her up for the role.

But, the champ appears to have been a little too powerful of late, as Riot’s now tuning down her Q. Threaded Volley’s stone damage towards monsters is dropping to 80% after the first hit, down from 100%.

Meanwhile, Olaf – who is a great pick as jungler, as his stellar win rate in the role so far this year demonstrates – is seeing a significant tweak to his R next patch. Udyr’s Phoenix Stance aura damage is getting changed to 50-275 over four seconds, while it was 50-300 previously.

As you can see in the list, however, these two champs are far from the only two in Riot’s sights this update. Olaf – another decent jungler – is seeing his base health and Passive movement speed dropped, while Pantheon, Cho’Gath, Ivern, and various others are also in for some nerfs. Check them out above.

According to the League of Legends 2021 patch schedule, patch 11.3 goes live on Wednesday, February 3, so you won’t have to wait long to see how these balance changes play out in live.