League of Legends patch 12.11 notes – new champion Bel’Veth arrives

League of Legends patch notes 12.11 introduces Bel'Veth

The League of Legends patch 12.11 notes are now hitting the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for all to see. While LoL patch 12.10 is live, thanks to the new update we already have an idea of what Riot Games is bringing to its popular MOBA game next – and it’s a big one.

First off, the most obvious addition in LoL update 12.10 is the arrival of the brand new champion Bel’Veth, the Empress of the Void, who is now available to play on the test server. Described as the “God of Oblivion” by Riot, she’s one of the most terrifying additions to the League of Legends roster yet. You can check out all her stats and abilities below.

A new champion means that 12.11 is otherwise a little light in updates, but it also features six new summer-themed skins for the likes of Ashe and Nidalee based around the Ocean Song festival, and it seems likely that more characters will get skins with this theme in later updates.

And now, here are the League of Legends patch 12.11 notes (thanks, Surrender at 20!).


According to the League of Legends 2022 patch schedule, the League of Legends patch 12.11 release date is set for Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

Maintenance times haven’t yet been confirmed, but usually begin at 3am PT for NA servers, 5am UK time for EUW servers, and 3am CET for EUNE servers, and last for approximately three hours, so expect downtime to start sometime around then.


Bel’Veth, the Empress of the Void

League of Legends patch notes 12.11 introduces Bel'Veth


  • Mana:
  • MR – 32
  • MR Per Level – 2.05
  • AD – 60
  • AD Per Level – 2
  • Armour – 32
  • Armour Per Level – 4.7
  • Base HP – 610
  • HP Per Level – 105
  • HP Regen Per Level – 0.17
  • Health regen / HP5 – 8.5
  • Move speed – 340
  • Attack Range – 125


Death in Lavender (Passive)

After using another ability, Bel’Veth becomes Ghosted and gets two attacks with 25% = (25-50%) attack speed. Gains 1 Lavender stack for monster takedowns and 2 stacks for champions and epic monsters, which adds 0.25 = (0.25 – 1.25)% attack speed.

Void Surge (Q)

Dash attack dealing 76 = (10+110)% physical damage to any enemies she hits. Each direction has a cooldown of 17 seconds, scaled down based on her attack speed.

Above and Below (W)

Bel’Veth attacks with her tail, doing magic damage, while knocking them upwards and slowing them for 1.25 seconds by 50%. If it hits a champion, any cooldown of Void Surge in that direction is refreshed.

Royal Maelstrom (E)

Slash attack around Bel’Veth, dealing 70% damage reduction and life steal over 1.5 seconds. Each attack focuses on the lowest-health opponent, dealing physical damage based on the enemy’s missing health.

Endless Banquet (R)

Ultimate Ability:
Every second attack deals true damage, stacking infinitely. Takedowns on champions or epic monsters leave Void Coral, which Bel’Veth can eat to slow nearby enemies. She then explodes, dealing missing-health true damage and gaining 1 Lavender stack and her true demonic form.
True Form:
Bel’Veth gains increased max health, 25 non-combat move speed, 50 attack range, 10% attack speed, and her Void Surge ability can now pass through walls. Consuming further Void Coral increases the duration to 180 seconds and any dead minions are reborn as Void Remora.

You can check out the tooltips with exact ability, cooldown, duration, and other info as it’ll appear in-game on Surrender at 20’s page.


As quoted by Riot’s page: “A nightmarish empress created from the raw material of an entire devoured city, Bel’Veth is the end of Runeterra itself… and the beginning of a monstrous reality of her own design. Driven by epochs of repurposed history, knowledge, and memories from the world above, she voraciously feeds an ever-expanding need for new experiences and emotions, consuming all that crosses her path. Yet her wants could never be sated by only one world as she turns her hungry eyes toward the Void’s old masters…”


Here’s a clip demonstrating Bel’Veth’s VO in-game from Skin Spotlights:

YouTube Thumbnail


Here’s Bel’Veth’s Battle Boss release skin:

League of Legends Bel'Veth battle boss release skin

Here’s the Bel’Veth Battle Boss skin in action:

YouTube Thumbnail


Champion skins


“As the CEO of the hot clothing company Frel, Ashe is dead tired after spending a year heads-down in work with little sun at her Northern headquarters. The Ocean Song Festival sounds like the perfect place for her to warm up, disappear into a crowd, and lose herself to some fabulous music.”

OCEAN SONG nidalee

“The Ocean Song Festival is lucky to have Nidalee as its performer stylist, with her fashion guides selling almost as much as her albums, but in reality, she’s here as a featured part of Yone’s show. She was the first person he showed his lyrics to, and it’s her honor to lend them her voice.”

YouTube Thumbnail

OCEAN SONG Seraphine

“After taking a break to recharge her creative spirit, Seraphine is back! Rather than dive straight into a solo tour, she’s drawing on the relaxed energy of the Ocean Song Festival to ease herself back into singing. With no setlist, she’s going to listen to her audience and let the musical current take her.”
YouTube Thumbnail


“Never content to swim with the tide, Seraphine’s making waves with her new sea breeze look. Whether it’s on the runway or the concert stage, beach season’s open, and the water’s warm.”
YouTube Thumbnail


“Yone is nervous. As a DJ he’s calm, focused, and improvisational, but Ocean Song is his first concert as a DJ and lyricist. After finding his secret stash of lyrics, his friend Nidalee volunteered to belt them out herself when he refused. He may not be ready to sing, but they’ll still hear his voice.”
YouTube Thumbnail


“An up and coming Water Tamer from the Southwest, Zeri is diving into the Ocean Song Festival headfirst. This is her first time handling a stage on her own, and she may have gone a little overboard with her showstopper plans in order to give herself a calling card. Everybody loves a little overstimulation, right?”
YouTube Thumbnail

And that’s everything on the LoL patch 12.11 for now, but keep heading back to check them out as there’s sure to be lots more to eyeball and delve into ahead of the patch’s arrival very soon.

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