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League of Legends patch notes - 13.19 nerfs many, but buffs even more

Riot just released the latest League of Legends patch notes for its 13.19 update, nerfing various LoL champions and introducing new ranked restrictions.

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League of Legends is always subject to change, whether it be through a new hotfix addressing major issues or a large update aiming to resolve many. The game’s 13.19 update is underway, and it’s a massive one with loads of champion nerfs but even more buffs. The LoL character adjustments aren’t the only thing coming with Riot Games’ big update, as the developer introduces some new ranked restrictions and changes to in-game pinging so as to target toxicity. From Briar nerfs to Twitch buffs, here’s what to expect.

If you’ve played Riot’s iconic MOBA since Briar joined the game’s roster, then you know the absolute rollercoaster the latest League of Legends champion has been on. Initially, the adorable vampire was not powerful enough. Following a patch, she became a bit too powerful. 13.19 aims to balance Briar out, now that “players have learned the in(t)s and outs of her kit and item builds.”

The League of Legends patch notes show her attack speed growth, Blood Frenzy healing, and maximum percent health damage against minions and monsters are being decreased. On the other hand, Briar’s damage against minions and monsters has increased. Riot also says the update is “adding a host of quality-of-life changes and bug fixes, including a frenzy bar” that makes it a bit easier to tell how much time is left to activate Snack Attack.

Another League of Legends champ seeing some “light” nerfs is Azir. His Conquering Sands ability’s cooldown has increased, as Riot wants to “be cautious around Azir taking an overly dominant position.” LeBlanc’s AD growth, attack speed ratio, mana growth, and mana regeneration growth have also decreased. The dev says that she has become a “very frustrating top lane split pusher,” hence the “meaningful mana constraints.” Her attack speed growth and E magic damage are increasing.

Rek’Sai is also taking some hits this patch, as her passive heal, Q damage, and W bonus movement speed have decreased. Riot is “targeting the power level of burrowing” with the update, as it’s used “disproportionately well.” Renekton and Zeri are the final two nerfed champs, with the former’s base magic resistance decreased and the latter’s base movement speed decreased.

League of Legends 13.19 patch notes highlights

Thankfully, various champion buffs accompany the nerfs with 13.19. Galio and Gangplank both have shorter R cooldowns, while Jhin’s R ability will deal more physical damage. Due to players not “finding much success” even in “high-skill games” with him, Lee Sin’s base armor, E magic damage, W lifesteal, and spell vamp have all increased.

Lissandra, who is currently “on thin ice in terms of power” both in solo queue and in professional play, gets an increase in her Ring of Frost ability’s root duration. Nunu and Wullump, the cutest League duo, are getting their E AP ratio increased. “The choice to buff Snowball Barrage here is to create some tension in AP Nunu’s combat,” Riot writes, as the duo’s “ultimate and W snowball already deal a ton of damage” but “AP Nunu should be more than a burst mage.”

“Requiring him to remain in close range to get maximum power out of buying AP should enrich the gameplay for them and their opponents,” the dev says regarding Nunu’s changes. A far less cute champion, Pyke, is seeing some increases, too. His health growth has increased, while his W cooldown has decreased as Riot aims to give him more “mid-to-late-game survivability.”

Two more champions, everyone’s favorite mage and rat, are also receiving buffs. LoL’s 13.19 update increases Syndra’s Q magic damage, to “help her get early lane priority.” Last but not least is Twitch, with faster R missile speed. While the dev team doesn’t think he’s “necessarily weak,” Twitch “could use some quality-of-life improvements,” hence the Spray and Pray buff.

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Outside of champion changes, Riot is targeting toxicity within ranked games. When you receive penalties for disruptive behavior, you can also receive ranked restrictions in addition now. The dev writes that these “keep you from playing ranked game modes until you clear them.” To re-enable ranked, you’ll need to play five games in a non-ranked game mode.

Some ping adjustments are also coming to help tackle toxic players. “While self-pings, enemy pings, and neutral pings are unaffected, we’re changing the behavior of pinging allied states,” Riot says. To counter death timer pings and other non-constructive pings, the dev is “tuning every ally ping to display only to the pinger so that they can gather whatever information they need without abusing the feature as a means of harassing teammates.”

Other general changes and fixes coming with 13.19 include accessibility updates, bug resolutions, and a line of flashy new skins. Nidalee, Renata, Ziggs, Qiyana, Draven, and Gnar are getting stunning La Ilusión skins, with Renata also receiving a prestige version. These skins are colorful and perfect for the fall season, drawing inspiration from Mexico’s holiday, Día de Muertos. You can check the skins out alongside Riot’s full 13.19 patch notes.

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