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League of Legends skins are finally in the works for Kalista, Kled

After a lengthy wait, new League of Legends skins are in the works for Aurelion Sol, Ivern, Kalista, and Kled as Riot gives the MOBA's neglected champs love

A ghostly woman in black armour jumps towards the camera from the side holding a spear

If you’re looking for new League of Legends skins for the MOBA‘s somewhat neglected champions Aurelion Sol, Ivern, Kalista, and Kled, then Riot has heard you. Each champion will be receiving a new look this year, with Kalista and Kled’s already out on display.

In the list of ‘champions who haven’t got a skin in ages,’ Aurelion Sol, Ivern, Kalista, and Kled are pretty high up. The sassy sky dragon leads the pack with a whopping 825 days since his last skin, while the others come in at 755, 727, and 727 respectively.

Ahead of the League of Legends season 2023 start date, Riot has confirmed that each of these champions will be getting a new cosmetic, with Kalista’s new skin already being shown off in the Season 13 preview video.

One of this season’s new skin lines is Faerie Court, and that’s where Kalista’s skin hails from, as well as a new Karma one. Described by LoL director Jeremy ‘Brightmoon’ Lee as “coming to us from a world of beauty, magic, nature, and majesty,” the spectral gladiator has traded in her spooky blue hue for shining golden armour. The spears lodged in her chest glow a glistening purple-pink, and her ebony hair now cascades down her back as a violet waterfall.

In-game sprite of a character with tanned skin and long purple hair wearing pink and golden armour holding an ornate spear

As for Kled, he’ll be getting the cute treatment with a new Cats vs. Dogs skin. Yes folks, the bundle that brought us Corgi Corki and its adorable little twerk is back! And who’s that beside Kled? I know, but do you?

Two doglike animals riding huge cartoon dogs together smiling on a blue background

Ivern and Aurelion Sol’s new looks remain a mystery for now, but given Zoe’s favourite sky puppy is getting an extensive CGU (his abilities are getting changed up, for those who can’t keep up with acronyms) I can’t wait to see what his new skin looks like – after all, it’s been a while.

These skins will be dropping throughout Season 13, so make sure to keep an eye out so that you don’t miss them. You can also check out how much money you’ve spent on League of Legends so far if you want a reason not to spend more money. If you’re still looking to collect cosmetics but not splash the cash, then the League of Legends Prime Gaming rewards may be the way to go – after all, you may just get lucky!