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Huge Lenovo Legion Go price cut could be a sign of things to come

Following a massive 21% price cut in Germany, the Legion Go could set the tone for handheld gaming PC deals in an ever growing market.

Lenovo Legion Go Price Cut

Despite only releasing in October 2023, one of the big names in the handheld gaming PC market appears to be considering big price cuts. This Lenovo Legion Go deal is live in Germany and may have already sold out, but it speaks volumes to how far some brands need to go in order to keep up with the Steam Deck and upcoming devices like the MSI Claw.

As one of the best handheld gaming PCs, the Legion Go and its 8.8-inch, 1600p display towers over the competition, quite literally. It also has a battery larger than the ROG Ally, but it is not enough to compete with the well-rounded Steam Deck OLED, especially when it has a higher MSRP. This is where the current Legion Go deal comes into play because if we’re lucky, it could spread out across multiple markets to get more devices into players’ hands.

In a deal that may no longer be live (potentially down to selling through deal allocation), German retailer X-Kom is selling the Lenovo Legion Go for €629, down from €799, a massive 21% discount. It’s hard to say what specifically triggered this deal, but there is no shortage of possible reasons.

The Steam Deck OLED and its ultra-competitive price are generally quite hard to compete with, especially when Valve already had its first-generation product on the market. Asus’ ROG Ally sitting at the same $799/€799 price point could have inspired this deep cut while players continue to scratch their heads over the release of the weaker Ally model.

Most recently, we’ve had the MSI Claw appear on the scene, which is the first major Intel-powered handheld that claims to have a lot more power under the hood compared to the ROG Ally and Legion Go but will also launch with the same MSRP.

As the gaming handheld market becomes so dense, with Valve giving credit to its “amazing” competition, we could see a lot more big price cuts and even MSRP changes in order for some devices to stay relevant.

With a new handheld due soon, check out our MSI Claw preview from CES where we went hands-on with the Intel-powered handheld.