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Lies of P DLC confirmed by job listing as “planned for production”

It looks like Neowiz Games is currently in the planning stages of developing Lies of P DLC, according to a job listing on the developer's official website.

Lies of P DLC confirmed: A young boy with long brown hair and a freckled face sits atop a red velvet chair, a blue butterfly atop his left hand

Lies of P caught my eye due to its Bloodborne-esque aesthetic and Pinnochio-inspired story. Nothing hits hard quite like a dark fairy tale, twisted from the whimsical into the wicked. Neowiz Games produced just that with Lies of P, taking a tale as old as time to create a unique soulslike experience that places you in Pinnochio’s shoes as the boy struggles to take on mechanical monstrosities. Now that the game has been out and about for a short while, many of us have completed its story and are looking forward to DLC. Thankfully, it looks like we’re getting it.

In a job listing on Neowiz Games’ official website, the Lies of P developer advertises a role on the RPG game‘s team. Neowiz describes its newly released game as an “extreme action RPG project” that stays “faithful to sophisticated combat and level design” found in FromSoftware’s own genre-defining entries like Dark Souls and Elden Ring. The dev goes on to state that Lies of P has a “unique story that reinterprets the classic masterpiece Pinnochio as a cruel fairy tale.”

While our own Lies of P review delves deeper into the game’s twisted tale and mechanics, those parts of Neowiz’s job advertisement aren’t what stand out. Following the dev’s description of the game and the team behind it, the studio seemingly confirms the highly anticipated Lies of P DLC. The section reads that a DLC is allegedly “planned for production,” which may insinuate that Neowiz is currently piecing future content together.

Neowiz Games' job listing detailing the planned Lies of P DLC

The listing gives no real specifics about the possible upcoming Lies of P expansion, its price, or its place within the base game’s story, but it’s exciting to know that the developers are working on fresh content. We may see new enemies come to Krat, or some more powerful Lies of P weapons to use against them in combat.

The most recent Lies of P patch notes saw Neowiz nerf many of the difficult boss fights, making the game a bit easier to swallow for those who struggle with heavy combat. The update also increased in-game drop rates and added a nice buff to Pinnochio’s carry weight, making gameplay smoother overall.

If you’re traversing Neowiz’s grim world yourself, you should look through our roundup of the best Lies of P amulets as the accessories can really be crucial to your build. Alternatively, browse through some of our other favorite games like Dark Souls if you’ve completed Lies of P and need something just as challenging to play through before any upcoming DLC drops.