New Life is Strange: True Colors trailer digs into Alex’s empathy powers

Interacting with others' auras is key to how Alex will solve this supernatural mystery

We got a new look at upcoming adventure game Life is Strange: True Colors today at Square Enix’s games showcase. The new trailer provides some new details on protagonist Alex Chen’s powers of empathy, and how she’ll use them to uncover the truth about the death of her brother.

As the trailer explains, Alex’s supernatural empathy allows her to personally experience the emotions of others. In the game, Alex will encounter people who are experiencing strong feelings, which she’ll see as a coloured aura around them. In these cases, a prompt will allow Alex to interact with the aura, often learning new things about the characters and potentially unearthing new clues.

When those emotions are especially strong, Alex can reach out and create a ‘nova’ – a reality-bending phenomenon that alters the world around Alex to become a “reflection of that person’s psyche,” the trailer explains. In these novas, Alex can explore shattered memories and thoughts, but they can be dangerous – some carry “a life threatening amount of power.”

Here’s the new trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

“No decision is easy, and the consequences will be felt across the game,” the narrator warns.

The Life is Strange: True Colors release date is set for September 10. It’s sure to be an emotional ride – not just for Alex, but for players as well.