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The best Lords of the Fallen farm spot for vigor

The best spot for Lords of the Fallen vigor farming appears early on in your journey through Mournstead, and is a reliable way to earn currency and XP fast.

The Dark Crusader hefts their great axe over their shoulder, the Bellroom vestige point behind them as they set off on the best Lords of the Fallen farming route.

Where is the best Lords of the Fallen farm spot? It’s no secret that soulslikes can be a bit of a grind at times. If you’re new to the genre, it’s easy to invest in the wrong stats or equipment and find yourself in the tricky position of being too underpowered to progress. Thankfully, we’ve identified the best farming spot in Lords of the Fallen, so you can quickly earn vigor regardless of whether you’re in the early, mid, or endgame.

The best Lords of the Fallen farming spot can help you accrue vigor in a very short space of time, allowing you to create the best Lords of the Fallen builds by pouring points into stats or upgrading the best Lords of the Fallen weapons to take on any Lords of the Fallen bosses standing in your way. As our Lords of the Fallen review attests, the soulslike game can really bring the pain, so ensure you stay alive and kicking by taking advantage of this farm spot.

Lords of the Fallen vigor farm

The best Lords of the Fallen farm spot is at Pilgrim’s Perch, just beyond the Bellroom fast travel point, otherwise known as the Vestige of Blind Agatha.

Defeat the Ardent Penitent in the tunnel to the left, either by inflicting a surprise backstab with heavy weapons or by taking advantage of its charge attack to kite it off the wooden platform outside. This one kill alone nets you a cool 500 vigor, which you can reset by returning to the checkpoint if you’d rather play it safe.

However, to make the most out of Pilgrim’s Perch, you must use the Lords of the Fallen Umbral lamp to transition into Umbral in order to rack up your vigor multiplier. Head to the upper platforms using the ladder and take out all the enemies that spawn until the multiplier reaches x3.00 and the Reaper appears.

The Reaper is the motherlode of this Lords of the Fallen farm spot, delivering a cool 8,000 Vigor for defeating it. He also packs a punch, but thankfully, it’s not necessary to meet him head-on in Pilgrim’s Perch. Instead, you can manipulate him to fall off the platform opposite the planks of wood suspended over a large gap. You can do this either by using the lamp’s soul flay ability, or baiting him into a leap attack when he’s right at the very edge of the platform. The Reaper respawns once every three minutes, so once you’ve managed to cheese him, simply return to the vestige to reset.

Of course, the efficacy of this Lords of the Fallen farm spot is less prominent towards the end of the action-adventure game, since tougher late-game enemies typically drop more vigor. However, this method remains one of the easiest ways to farm vigor quickly without putting yourself in much danger, and you can clear it even faster at higher levels and in Lords of the Fallen new game plus.

You can bring friends along in Lords of the Fallen multiplayer for an even faster farming experience, but be warned: any guests in your world only receive a fraction of the vigor dropped, so be sure to call upon the pals most generous with your time in Lords of the Fallen crossplay or otherwise. Now that you’re flush with vigor, turn your attention the lighting the Lords of the Fallen beacons – just watch out for the Lords of the Fallen mimic moths lurking along the way.