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Marauders update teased in major patch for hardcore FPS game

Marauders update Ace release date is set for December as the Tarkov-like loot driven dieselpunk FPS gets its first patch after launching on Steam Early Access

Marauders update Ace teased alongside first major balance patch - logo of a skull with two crossed knives against a red background

Small Impact Games is set to release the first Marauders update, Ace, for its alternate history dieselpunk FPS game in December. The developer reports that its Escape from Tarkov inspired looter shooter has seen players take on an average of one million raids per day since the game launched on Steam Early Access in October – with lone wolf players making up 59% of that number. The multiplayer game’s first patch is now live, introducing two new weapons along with a number of quality of life improvements.

Headlining the Marauders November health patch notes are the Webley revolver, a service pistol used by British armed forces for many years, and the experimental EM-2 rifle, a British assault rifle tested in the 1950s and known as the Janson rifle. Also of note are additional airlocks across all maps to help reduce player congestion, a ‘toggle lean’ option, an FOV slider to adjust your field of view, and map cycling to help prevent repetition when taking on multiple raids in succession.

There are also plenty of balance tweaks, including an increase to the headshot damage multiplier, an increase to the spawn rate of capital and merchant ships, improved healing for large first aid kits, additional protection provided by almost all armour and helmets, and an increase to spread and recoil on most weapons while jumping to make it a less effective mid-combat technique. The full patch notes are available on Steam.

Small Impact Games also notes that its first major update, codenamed Ace, is planned for a December release date. You can check out the brief teaser trailer below:

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Marauders will face tough competition from the likes of Call of Duty’s new Warzone 2 DMZ mode when it arrives alongside the Warzone 2 release date, although the CoD community seems to have been left underwhelmed by the Warzone 2 DMZ reveal. If you’re interested in more games like Marauders and Tarkov, our pick of the best battle royale games includes plenty such options.