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Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ reveal “fails to deliver”

The Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ reveal has "failed to deliver", as Infinity Ward test its new battle royale game ahead of CoD Modern Warfare season one

Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ reveal "fails to deliver": A soldier, Soap from FPS game Call of Duty, wearing an earpiece and stubble

The reveal of the Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ mode has “failed to deliver” as Infinity Ward tests its upcoming battle royale game ahead of the launch of CoD Modern Warfare 2 season one.

Similar to Escape from Tarkov, DMZ is Warzone 2’s upcoming extraction battle royale mode, whereby players must fight one another and AI opponents in order to claim loot from a range of strongholds before carrying it to an escape point. Utilising the best Modern Warfare 2 guns, the goal is to grab more than your competitors, and also make it out alive. Our advice is to take one of the best Modern Warfare 2 LMGs.

With Modern Warfare 2 season one and Warzone 2 launching November 16, developer Infinity Ward has allowed certain content creators and Twitch streamers to test DMZ mode before release. Some, however, say the initial reveal of the game has been less than impressive.

“I think DMZ failed to deliver today, unless I just missed some things,” says Call of Duty Twitch streamer JGOD. “Economy system was not shown off, which is supposed to be the core element of the extraction genre. Nearly every POV I watched was trying to play it like a battle royale because of this.”

The economy system in Escape from Tarkov allows players to trade items with one another that they have looted from matches. A similar system, which would strongly differentiate DMZ from a traditional battle royale mode, has been rumoured and leaked for Warzone 2, but is yet to be officially unveiled.

Another Call of Duty content creator, Warzone Loadout, also expressed disappointment regarding the unveiling of DMZ mode, saying it lacked “purpose”.

“They [Infinity Ward] made a mistake showing DMZ like this with absolutely no explanations,” the site said. “The two hours of gameplay were absolutely boring and lacking a real purpose.”

Given the focus on weapon customisation and building the best loadout drop, it is vital to know, ahead of time, how the DMZ economy will work, and what the new mode will do to pull us away from traditional battle royale matches. Without this being revealed, DMZ still remains an uncertain prospect.

“I am still interested in learning more before writing it [DMZ] off as something I will play,” says JGOD, “but still feel like they [Infinity Ward] haven’t showed the important reason people are asking about, which is the why.”

As we wait on further news regarding the DMZ economy, you can still prepare with the best Warzone 2 RAAL MG loadout. You might also want to grab all the Modern Warfare 2 mastery camos, or maybe the precious Modern Warfare 2 Orion camo to make your guns really glimmer.