Someone has hit Marvel Snap’s max Collection Level, just because

In order to reach Marvel's Snap's max Collection Level, you'd need to have ploughed thousands into the card game for no real reward; but one player has done it.

Someone has hit Marvel Snap's max Collection Level, just because: 2D cartoon-style woman with red hair wearing a red hood roars as she lunges at the camera to punch it as smoke billows behind her

In order to get the cards you need to complete some of the best Marvel Snap decks, you’ll need a decent Marvel Snap Collection Level. While you’ll have a mostly complete collection in the card game by around 7-8k or so, one player has gone on a dedicated grind to reach max Collection Level – likely dropping thousands of dollars in the process.

Most players will complete pool three in Marvel Snap between 3-4k, with only a few cards remaining in pools four and five to acquire after that, by which point you’ll be able to tackle any archetype you fancy. These can then be mixed and matched to create some truly mind-blowing combinations that will leave your enemies in the dust (get it? Because Thanos? Dust?).

While the maximum Collection Level sits at 22,366, most players who log in daily and have been playing since launch sit at around the 2k mark, with beta test players landing between 4k and 5k. So, when a player simply known as ‘Aaron’ managed to hit 22,366, there was only one real response: why?

To hit the max limit, Aaron must have spent thousands of dollars, in turn receiving no real reward other than ‘the guy who maxed out their Marvel Snap Collection Level.’ Sure, it’s a cool flex, but I’d probably rather have more money in my bank account.

But, Second Dinner has responded. Product lead Stephen ‘Tracks’ Jarrett was quick to reply to Aaron’s post in the official Marvel Snap Discord, writing “thanks for sharing! Impressive achievement. Think we can call it a ‘world first.'” He goes on to clarify that the team will look to upping the maximum Collection Level in the future, in turn giving Aaron a new objective to aim for.

Two Discord comments discussing reaching max Collection Level in Marvel Snap

Of course, the title of world first is absolutely worth draining your bank account for (I think). Monetary concerns aside, being the first to achieve anything in a game is a badge of honour. Maybe we’ll see the devs give Aaron something special, but for now, showing off their achievement  their Discord name is absolutely the way to go.

While I would not advise breaking the bank, I would advise checking out some of the other best free Steam games, as well as our rundown of when the next Marvel Snap season release date is, so that you can choose to rival Aaron if you fancy it. We also have guides detailing the best Marvel Snap Wong deck and best Marvel Snap Silver Surfer deck to help you on your ascent to glory.