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You can play Spider-Man Remastered without a graphics card

Spider-Man Remastered runs remarkably well without a dedicated graphics card, as a gaming PC benchmark experiment suggests you can swing through using an iGPU

Spider-Man standing in city with Nvidia graphics card near chest and red cross

Believe it or not, you can play Spider-Man Remastered on your gaming PC without a graphics card, as the superhero romp runs on an AMD Ryzen 7 5700G iGPU. That means you can swing through New York using the power of onboard Radeon graphics, and the experience is far smoother than you’d expect.

Conducted by RandomgaminginHD, the Spider-Man Remastered no graphics card experiment puts three gaming CPU options to the test. The first contender, an AMD Athlon 3000G, transforms the modern Marvel adventure into something that looks like a PS2 demake. This is largely thanks to a mix of FSR scaling, dialled-back settings, and low resolution, all of which come with a 30fps cap.

The YouTuber also tries out an Intel Core i3 12300 – the same chip that can enable you to run No Man’s Sky without a graphics card. Unfortunately, the blue team’s solution falls flat this time, as it transforms Spidey’s venture into a slideshow. In other words, you’ll want to stick with team red for this particular experiment, and the investigation’s last CPU contender, AMD Ryzen 7 5700G iGPU, hammers home that fact.

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According to RandomgaminginHD’s benchmarks, you’ll be able to boost fps to almost 60 while playing Spider-Man Remastered on a Ryzen 7 5700G. Of course, you’ll need to crank all settings down to low and use AMD FSR “ultra performance” mode to play at 1080p, but the end result is still easy on the eyes.

The Spider-Man Remastered tests use the first half hour of the game as a benchmark run, so specific sections of the comic book caper could slow down to a crawl. That said, the fact it can run at nearly 60fps on the Ryzen 5700G is a Marvel, not to mention it’s technically playable on a budget Vega 3 chip.

Spider-Man Remastered and its no GPU tricks are a testament to the game’s optimisation, the abilities of integrated graphics today, and the power of AMD FSR scaling. Sure, you could say it’s not that surprising, especially since it’s more than playable on Steam Deck. Nevertheless, this experiment suggests you don’t need the best graphics card or a swish gaming PC to play modern games, and it could help budget builds become more of a mainstream thing.

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