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The best FPS on Meta Quest 3 just got a huge free update

Ghosts of Tabor has only just released on the Quest 3 store, but is already bringing a gargantuan free update for all players to enjoy.

Ghosts of Tabor The Collector

Games like Ghost of Tabor appeal to a very niche crowd, even more so when they take place exclusively in VR. However, that’s also its biggest unique selling point, alongside a commitment to regular content updates, the first of which just dropped and it is huge.

As one of the best Meta Quest 3 games, and arguably the best FPS game in VR, Ghost of Tabor has all eyes firmly fixed upon it as players wait to see how the content roadmap develops.

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Lucky for them, developer Combat Waffle is already delivering despite Ghosts of Tabor only entering the official Quest store in early February. This update is called ‘Collector’s Awakening’ and features a new map, an extension of an existing map, a new boss, two new weapons, and an improvement to its silencer attachments.

On top of this, there are also many other improvements being made to existing content, and an upgrade is coming to the streamer camera view (PCVR version only), allowing for a greater immersive experience for anyone watching their favorite content creator play Ghosts of Tabor.

The main focus of the update is Matka Miest, which getting a brand new underground map while the overground map receives an expansion. Within the Matka Miest Museum, a new boss awaits players who think they’re up to the challenge. ‘The Collector’ is no pushover though, so make sure you’re geared up before taking them on.

As for new weapons, the XM250 light machine gun has been added, while the flashbang grenade also makes its long-awaited debut. Thriving on realism with its gunplay, Ghost of Tabor is also altering the way that silencers work, and you now have to twist and click them on, just like in the real world.

This massive update is completely free and available in-game right now. Ghosts of Tabor remains in early access on Steam, but is ready to purchase from the Meta Quest store for $24.99 (£18.99).

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