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Final Fantasy 16 isn’t coming to Steam yet, but this JRPG is

While we await more news on Final Fantasy 16's possible PC port, we can look forward to Atlus' upcoming JRPG Metaphor ReFantazio instead.

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Metaphor ReFantazio is the newest JRPG announced by developer and publisher Atlus, a studio best known for its work on Persona. The game was initially said to be coming to console and PC upon its release, but the developers have just specified that it will be hitting more than just the Windows store. In a detailed creator’s message stream, Atlus confirmed that Metaphor ReFantazio will be coming to Steam. Other details about the upcoming game were also discussed, from its key story concepts to its real-world influence.

Coming in 2024, Metaphor is set to launch on each platform simultaneously rather than doing what Final Fantasy 16 is and releasing on console first. Throughout the stream, the game’s devs discussed how Metaphor is just in the polishing stage. This means that it is likely already finished with production but simply needs ironing out still. They also stated that it is set to be a large-scale epic fantasy RPG, with a story centering around you trying to garner support and become king.

Various races exist across Metaphor’s world, and they all speak Esperanto, a real constructed language. Similar to Persona, the game leans heavily on Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious but is set to do so in a much deeper fashion. Just as the trailer showed and as the title itself alludes to, Metaphor is all about change.

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As we JRPG fans continue waiting on more Final Fantasy 16 PC port news, Atlus’ new games can tide us over a bit. According to the devs, they originally wanted the game to have a more medieval look to it, but they ended up giving it a unique spin. For example, fashion trends taken from the mid-1900s blended with a fantastical take on the Middle Ages. Some of the other key concepts the devs hope Metaphor players explore while in-game include facing their fears.

In Persona games, there is a strong focus on facing one’s own inner self. Metaphor hopes to take this idea of fear to the outside more so than the inside, with the director, Katsura Hashino, stating that he wants players to leave the game feeling empowered to overcome any external fears. Metaphor’s art speaks to this as well, as devs chose to have the game look almost like a painting tainted by a bit of darkness. All in all, Metaphor is meant to represent “the very best of Atlus.”

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