Big Metro Exodus mod changes are coming, so pick it up cheap on Steam

Metro Exodus mods are about to explode, as developer 4A Games has released the FPS game's SKU while the shooter has a massive Steam discount.

Big Metro Exodus mod changes are coming, so pick it up cheap on Steam

Developer 4A Games has just announced something that not many studios do, but it’ll definitely see Metro Exodus mods – and potentially game-wide overhauls – improve in both quantity and quality. The post-apocalyptic FPS game series will now have its SKU released by 4A Games, so prepare for mods galore.

After almost three years since its release, 4A Games has announced official Metro Exodus mod support, as it gives modders access to the Metro Exodus SDK for free in an effort to further help out the modding community and allow them to create bigger, bolder, and more breathtaking content for the game.

“This isn’t just simple mod support – we’re giving you our full Editor as it was the day we released Metro Exodus, with the ability to create standalone content run from a basic executable,” 4A Games says.

“Along with some tutorial levels and as an example of a fully featured, shipped level, we’ve included a full unpacked Metro Exodus sandbox level for you to tear apart using our tools. Feel yourself a 4A Games team member – we’ve provided you with everything our designers, artists, and animators have access to!”

Metro Exodus is also at a 75% discount on Steam right now, down to $7.49 USD / £6.24. So if you haven’t played it now’s the perfect time to pick it up on sale ahead of all of these great Metro Exodus mods.

The only major thing 4A Games notes about these Metro Exodus mods is that you can’t use what you create from the Metro Exodus SKU for “commercial purposes” – meaning you can’t sell your mod work or put it behind a paywall.

So, what exactly does the Metro Exodus SKU mean for the modding scene? It means Metro Exodus mods are about to get a whole lot easier to make and could start getting a whole lot bigger too, as 4A Games has essentially handed over the keys to its own IP and said ‘go nuts.’

Many are excited about potential overhaul mods with calls for a Stalker overhaul – in the vein of Fallout 4 mod Fallout London – which (on paper of course) would see the core mechanics and landscapes of Metro Exodus turned into a sort of brutal survival shooter. The possibilities and scale of mods have always been endless, but this Metro Exodus SKU going public is great news.

I love a good mod, and communities behind games like Skyrim still see wacky and wonderful daily mods over a decade since its release. Even the Skyblivion project – which aims to remake the whole of Oblivion inside of Skyrim (another great overhaul example) – just had four hours of raw footage shared, and another Skyrim mod made every NPC the Dragonborn too, because why not.

4A Games clearly understands its community, and the fact that there’s no money involved shows that the studio just wants to keep its community alive and let the passionate fans create even bigger and better content, which is undoubtedly a smart move while it works on its next project – whatever that may be.

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