Midnight Ghost Hunt update adds a creepy doll factory

The first Midnight Ghost Hunt update for Early Access arrives May 19, adding a spooky new doll factory map full of haunted toys and deadly machines

A ghoulish-looking baby doll holds a chef's knife as it sits on a catwalk leading into the Dream Dolls factory in Midnight Ghost Hunt Update 1. A hunter approaches along the catwalk, looking at the screen on an instrument.

Hide-and-seek horror game Midnight Ghost Hunt arrived in Steam Early Access in March, and now it’s about to get its first major update. Midnight Ghost Hunt Update 1 adds a new doll factory environment full of creepy new props to possess, as well as enough mechanical hazards to set Upton Sinclair spinning in his grave.

The Dream Dolls factory makes the type of doll favoured by the spirits of small Victorian children, but it seems the plant had a diversified portfolio. There are child-size cars, cribs, and other toys to possess along with what developer Vaulted Sky Games calls “viciously speedy murder dolls.” We can’t verify this, but it seems likely that these had something to do with the plant getting shut down.

Of course, there are the normal factory implements for ghosts to possess as well. Forklifts can shudder to life and send hunters flying across the floor, or a beverage machine might awaken and start firing rapid-fire soda cans at a thirsty squadmember. There are also working conveyor belts which can take hunters and possessed objects across the map, in order to get the drop on their enemies.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

The update also includes a fun crossover from publisher Coffee Stain’s management game Satisfactory – ghost hunters will be able to don the Pioneer’s space suit when they head out on their next job.

Vaulted Sky says matchmaking and game balance have received adjustments in this patch, and melee weapons will deal additional damage. The Ghostmasher, which now comes with a buckler shield, can cause chain lightning, and the sledgehammer can be charged up to flatten ghosts out into delicious ghostcakes.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Update 1 arrives on Steam May 19.

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