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Minecraft Dungeons will be supported long term with a mix of free updates and paid DLC

Developers want to make sure the game stays fun for the long term

Minecraft Dungeons is going to keep changing post launch, with a steady stream of free updates, the possibility of new narrative in the form of paid DLC, and other new content meant to keep players interested and having fun.

Plans for DLC haven’t been nailed down yet, but the developers of Minecraft Dungeons say they want to make sure that anything they make feels worth the time and potentially money they’d be asking players to spend on it.

“I think we’re looking at a mix [of free and paid new content],” said Mojang executive producer David Nisshagen, speaking to us at XO19. “Since it’s a narrative game, if it’s something that someone would want to pay for, it needs to be something that has a big update, something that feels like good value for money, a fun experience.”

But Nisshagen says the team also wants to continually update the game to keep it interesting – as well as bug free, if possible.

“We also want to make sure that we continue to update the game and provide players with improvements in reducing friction – fixing bugs, should there ever be a bug the game!” he said, grinning.

“But then also, if we find cool things that we want to add, sure,” he said. “We will do that by free updates.”

Minecraft itself has grown massively over the past ten years, adding new mobs, creatures, blocks, and mechanics at a more or less steady pace since it launched. As Minecraft Dungeons game director Mans Olson pointed out, it’s a rich source of content to… well, mine from. Free updates could also include things like ridiculously overpowered magical items, and the developers have said they’re fine with those since they’re fun.

Minecraft Dungeons is due out in April 2020, and it seems clear that the date will be a starting point for Mojang’s dungeon-crawling new adventure.