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How long is Minecraft Dungeons?

Wondering how long it will take you to complete Mojang's new hack-and-slash?


How long is Minecraft Dungeons? If you’re keen to jump into Minecraft Dungeons then you may want to know how long it’ll take to complete. Especially if you want to try out a higher difficulty level in Minecraft Dungeons, as default mode may not be challenging enough.

Minecraft Dungeons is Mojang’s hack-and-slash adventure set in the Minecraft universe, where you’ll travel through levels cutting or spellcasting your way through armies of enemy mobs to free villages and finally defeat the evil arch illager. On your journey, you’ll pick up plenty of loot and artifacts before you return to base camp to spend your enchantment points on enchanting your weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. You’ll spend a lot of time building your character as you move through and complete each level, but how much time will it take to complete the game?

Well, don’t expect it to take you a long time to make your way through Minecraft Dungeons – here’s how long it will take to beat.

How long is Minecraft Dungeons?

It will take you less than a day to complete Minecraft Dungeons, but that’s just the main campaign on the recommended difficulty level. The Minecraft Dungeons devs confirm, “that the campaign length is hard to quantify given the procedurally-generated elements and different playing styles. At a minimum, with a run-through playing style and no replaying levels, we estimate the campaign could be played through in less than one day.”

From an overview of the mission map, it looks like Minecraft Dungeons will have nine levels to complete in this time. Minecraft Dungeons has been designed to reply over and over again, so you can try out different builds and character styles either solo, or with up to four other players.

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