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Minecraft Legends is bigger than you think, thanks to PC Game Pass

The strategy game might have fallen short on Steam, but PC Game Pass has helped push the Minecraft Legends player count to an impressive three million players.

Minecraft Legends - a cyan-haired character sits atop a horse with a beaming smile on their face

The Minecraft Legends player count is looking healthier than you might have expected. Despite a pretty lacklustre response to the blocky strategy game on Steam, the Minecraft spin-off has managed to rack up some impressive numbers since launch. The news serves as another reminder how the availability of games like Minecraft Legends on subscription services such as Xbox and PC Game Pass can be a real boon to new releases.

With an all-time peak of just over five thousand concurrent players and just a few hundred having played Minecraft Legends on Steam at any one time over the past several days, it’d be easy to assume that the game was all but dead in the water – at least on PC. However, Mojang begs to differ, with the news that more than three million players have picked up the game.

While it’s available on all modern consoles, it’s likely that Xbox and PC Game Pass are coming to Minecraft Legends’ rescue. After all, as a spin-off of the best-selling game of all time in a more niche genre, it’s something many people are likely curious about but wary of spending the full asking price for. As such, a Game Pass subscription is the perfect way to jump in and see how it feels without any risk.

As a family-friendly co-op game, Minecraft Legends is also likely to appeal to anyone with children looking for something that they can enjoy with their kids; and, when it comes to finding something that your little ones will actually be happy to play, there aren’t many easier sells than Minecraft.

Minecraft Legends player count - Tweet from the game's official account, reading: "Minecraft Legends just launched and over 3 million players have already hopped in! We’re pleased to announce our first game update, which is starting to make its way to supported platforms right now!"

Minecraft Legends player count

The Minecraft Legends player count is over three million, according to developer Mojang. The team announces, “Minecraft Legends just launched and over three million players have already hopped in!” It adds, “We’re pleased to announce our first game update, which is starting to make its way to supported platforms right now.”

Minecraft Legends update 1.17.28951 includes matchmaking changes that allow you to team up with friends in Minecraft Legends PvP and speed up the pre-game timer when enough players have joined a lobby. There are also numerous performance and stability improvements, along with improvements to text wrapping when playing with Arabic or Hebrew language options.

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