How to increase your Minecraft Legends mob limit

Learn how to increase the Minecraft Legends mob limit and how to attract more troops at once whenever you use the rally command to lead them to battle.

Want to know how to increase the Minecraft Legends mob limit? When you think of real-time strategy, you think of clashes between two colossally-sized armies, each with its unique units specifically designed to combat something from the opposing army. In Minecraft Legends, it’s the locals of the Overworld versus the invading Piglins from the Nether, and it’s up to you to stop the oncoming horde.

That said, it’s fairly apparent that the default values of 20 for both your Minecraft Legends mob limit and how many of them you can command at once are pitiful. In RTS games, one viable tactic is to build as many of the best Minecraft Legends mobs as possible before rushing down the enemy, catching them unawares. So gather your Lapis Lazuli and make the following improvements to bolster your army’s ranks.

Minecraft Legends mob limit increase - the Flames of Creation improvement.

Minecraft Legends mob limit improvements

To increase your Minecraft Legends mob limit, you need to create Flames of Creation improvements at the Well of Fate. Each Flames of Creation you make increases your mob limit by four, which costs 200 stone, 200 Prismarine, and 25 gold. You can also use the Flames of Creation + improvement to upgrade your numbers by even more per build, giving you ten additional mobs rather than four, but they take more space and cost 400 stone, 400 Primsarine, and 100 gold. Your best bet for farming gold and the Minecraft Legends Prismarine is to raid outposts and use your Allays to hover up the remaining gold deposits.

It’s entirely possible that you don’t have this improvement in your toolbar. Press R on your keyboard to access the journal, then click the improvements tab on the first page to bring up all your unlocked improvements. You can then click on an improvement to place it on your toolbar. These Minecraft Legends upgrades ensure you always have the numbers to deal with any threat.

Minecraft Legends mob limit increases - the banner improvement.

How to increase the rally mob size

However, this is not the only limit implemented in Minecraft Legends. You can only select a number of your mobs per rally, so to increase how many units will follow you at once, you need to increase your Minecraft Legends banner size. For each improvement, 15 extra mobs will follow you per rally, so it’s significant enough to invest some resources.

Now that you know how to increase your Minecraft Legends mob size, you’ll likely want to spend more upgrades so you can carry more resources in Minecraft Legends so you can afford them. If you wish to share your findings with a friend, you can play the entire campaign via Minecraft Legends co-op, which is also available via Minecraft Legends crossplay, so another player can command their own army of destruction, guaranteeing that your pincer attack annihilates the enemy base.