Minecraft armor stand recipe

Here's how to create the perfect storage for your armor in Minecraft


Want to make a Minecraft armour stand? If you need a place to hang up your armour after a long day of slaying creepers and exploring the Nether, a Minecraft armour stand looks and acts the part.

It’s technically an entity, meaning it obeys the laws of gravity in Minecraft and waits patiently for you to return home like some sort of armour butler. As your armour stand is an entity it can be moved as such, and can be pushed by pistons, bounced on slime and honey blocks, dragged by a fishing rod, and pulled along by flowing water. We, however, prefer not to torture our armour stand and instead prop it up in the entrance of our Minecraft house or keep it standing with our Minecraft anvil, grindstone, and blast furnace for easy access. You can even use your armour stand for display purposes, to just show off to visitors or create some knight figures for your Minecraft castle.

Minecraft armour stands not only hold armour, but can be used as a trophy case for your Minecraft mob heads, or even to store pumpkins. Here’s how to create a Minecraft armour stand using sticks and smooth stone slab.

Minecraft armor stand recipe

To create a Minecraft armour stand you’ll need the below items. Armor stands can also be found in village armorer houses in the Taiga biome and can be broken by attacking them twice.

  • Sticks x 6
  • Smooth stone slab x 1

In your crafting grid, simply place three sticks along the top row, one in the centre of the middle row, and the remaining two sticks either side of the smooth stone slab in the bottom row.

That’s how you create a Minecraft armour stand, and now you’ve got somewhere to adorn your battle garments, check out how to decorate your shield with our Minecraft banner recipe guide.