Minecraft armor stand recipe

Use this Minecraft armor stand recipe to craft the perfect outfit storage, or just to make your base feel that little bit less lonely

Minecraft armor stand recipe: Two armour stands, one holding enchanted golden armour, and the other dyed leather and a skeleton skull

Make a Minecraft armor stand with the following crafting recipe if you need a place to hang up your armour after a long day of slaying creepers and zombies. Not only does a Minecraft armor stand save on storage space, but it looks great, especially with that enchanted Netherite armour displayed proudly.

Minecraft armour stands not only hold armour, but can be used to display carved pumpkins or the heads taken from defeated Minecraft mobs, and it also acts as an entity, meaning it can be pushed and pulled by pistons for some incredibly creative results. Whatever you use them for, here’s how to create an armor stand using the Minecraft smooth stone slab recipe and simple sticks.

Minecraft armor stand recipe: the Minecraft armour stand recipe in the crafting table UI

Minecraft armor stand recipe

To create a Minecraft armour stand you’ll need the below items. Armor stands can also be found in village armorer houses in the Taiga biome and can be broken by attacking them twice.

  • Sticks x 6
  • Smooth stone slab x 1

In your crafting grid, simply place three sticks along the top row, one in the centre of the middle row, and the remaining two sticks either side of the smooth stone slab in the bottom row, as seen in the image above.

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That’s how you create a Minecraft armour stand in one of our favourite sandbox games, and undeniably one of the best PC games of a generation. Now you’ve got somewhere to display your battle garments, make sure you know how to find the very best armor material, Minecraft Netherite, and check out how to decorate your shield with our Minecraft banner recipe guide.