Minecraft door in real life will make your eyes wiggly

A Minecraft door is an easy thing to build in the sandbox game, but if you're going to try and do it in real life it turns out it's a lot more time-consuming

Minecraft door in real life will make your eyes wiggly: Minecraft characters walk across the Minecraft map

A Minecraft door is a pretty humble creation. You’ll likely build one very early on whether you’re creating a little hovel in the floor, or one of the best Minecraft houses ever seen. They keep the monsters out, keep your loot safe, and just add a touch of homeliness to any abode.

Thanks to the wonderful stripped-down graphical style of Minecraft, the doors are also instantly recognisable. It’s impossible to see one and not know what game it’s from unless you’re somehow completely devoid of Minecraft knowledge, and frankly, given how it’s one of the best sandbox games ever created, people who don’t know what it is are few and far between.

Well, the door is the latest part of Minecraft to see itself recreated in the real world. This time around though, it’s not something modular like these Minecraft Redstone blocks, or something entirely made out of Lego like this Minecraft piston. Instead, this door has been made and is just straight up in someone’s house, which is awesome.

This image shows a Minecraft door in real life.

Tiny_Chip813 posted an image of their door to Reddit, and it’s been incredibly well-received, probably because it looks so accurate that it almost induces a feeling of the uncanny valley. We all know it’s a real door, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s just a weird bit of image manipulation. The door took 14 hours to create, but they’re planning on going a little further than just the visual side of things.

One commenter asked if the door made “THE noise,” and Tiny_Chip813 responded that they plan on making the noise happen by using a simple circuit and either an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Hopefully, they’ll post up a video of the completed project when it’s all done.

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