Minecraft succumbs to Chaos with this chonky Hades build

A Minecraft fan's made the Hades character in-game

It was only a matter of time. Minecraft, one of the very best sandbox games around, and Hades, one of the best RPG games of the year, have now collided in Mojang’s block builder through a fan’s enormous – and enormously impressive – recreation of one of their favourite Hades characters.

If you’re familiar at all with Supergiant Games’ action-RPG – which is in the running for a whopping eight categories at this year’s The Game Awards – a particular image will likely come to mind when you think of Chaos, the game’s Primordial Originator. That is, an embodiment of the void from the dawn of time, through which the Titans and Nyx arrived. A Minecraft fan has recreated that very image in the form of a huge 3D structure, and it’s pretty astonishing.

As you can see in the images of the build below, EricPham’s Chaos is instantly recognisable, and has every feature Hades’ own character does, right down to their jewelled (and dual-eyed) headdress, the many spooky faces spilling down from the deity’s body, and even the colourful design behind them.

On Reddit, the creator says the build took them around three weeks to complete, and that they used “plugins such as Worldedit and Voxelsniper” to make it, though “the rest is hand smoothing”. Take a look at the creation for yourself below:

Here are another few shots of the impressive build up-close:

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