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Minecraft map lets you play as the Avatar Aang, Korra, and friends

This Minecraft map will let you play as Avatar Aang and other characters from the amazing Nickolodeon show in the sandbox game, and it's coming soon

Minecraft map lets you play as the Avatar and friends. This image shows Avatars Kyoshi, Aang, and Korra.

An upcoming Minecraft map is going to let players frolic about in the sandbox game as characters from the amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender show. It also looks as though this DLC could include other Avatars as well, including Korra from spin-off The Legend of Korra.

It’s actually possible that you can replicate aspects of the show with the best Minecraft mods, but these official DLCs are always chock full of incredibly well-designed abilities, Minecraft skins, and specific maps too, so they’re worth keeping an eye on. The most recent one we had was the Minecraft map football game, but because we’re nerds, Avatar is definitely more exciting in our opinion.

All we know about the map so far is that it will let you try and master air, earth, fire, and water, and that the image shows four of the Avatars together bending their preferred element of choice. We also know that the Minecraft map will be released on December 6, which means that we’re likely to get a little bit more information shortly before then, and probably a trailer as well.

In terms of what you can expect, we’d imagine there’ll be a custom-built map with new mechanics based around learning how to do the various kind of bending, along with puzzles and an adventure fitting that too. As the announcement shows off four different Avatars, it’s also possible that we’ll get to take control of each of them, and follow along with how they all became legends.

We’d be surprised to find out that this Minecraft DLC is free, so expect to be able to pay a little bit of money to grab it from the Minecraft Marketplace when it releases. Until then, we recommend watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra to get yourself all caught up on the story of both shows, and also because they’re just excellent and more people should watch them.

If you like watching those kinds of shows while you’re doing something, then why not do so while you try and tame all of the Minecraft mobs? Then you can go ahead and explore the best Minecraft servers around.