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Minecraft mod will give you all of the stats

This Minecraft mod will turn the sandbox game into a stat trackers dream and make it easier to unlock some of the advancements as well

Minecraft mod for better stats. This image shows Steve on a horse in front of a villager and Iron Golem.

A Minecraft mod can do just about anything at this point. You can give yourself new armour sets to craft to make the game feel like Terraria, or you can just change world generation to allow for proper underground rivers. YouTubers also do things like turning bees into flying Steves, but it’s best not to think about that too much.

This particular mod doesn’t really change the gameplay experience at all, though. Instead, it just wants you to know everything you’ve accomplished. While Minecraft already tracks a fair few stats in-game, there can always be more information, and if you just love a good chunk of stats to look at, then you should absolutely check out the Better Statistics Screen mod.

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Now, this mod is still in its infancy, at less than a week old on CurseForge, but it’s already hit 11k downloads at the time of writing. It adds in a huge array of different trackable stats, and allows you to add filters, change tabs, and generally view them however you want. It means you can look at the biomes you’ve seen, where you’ve been mining, the items you’ve been using, and more.

It also makes some of the advancements in the game a little easier to get, because it tracks everything in an easier-to-access way. It specifically makes the “A Healthy Diet” and “Monsters Hunted” advancements easier to unlock, because you can see exactly what you have and haven’t done already.

While this mod doesn’t change the world of the game, it’s a nice little addition that adds in a big old chunk of utility, and you can download the Better Statistics Screen mod from CurseForge here.

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