Minecraft Mob Vote losers might be coming to the game anyway

Mojang had a little nod for the losers of the Minecraft Mob Vote at this year's live event, hinting that the ones that didn't win may come back in the future.

Minecraft mob vote losers: a Minecraft character looking off into the middle distance

Watchers of Minecraft Live 2023 might have spotted a little nod from developer Mojang about mob vote losers, and how there’s still potential for them to be added to the game in the future. Losers of the Minecraft Mob Vote have never been added to the game after the fact, but now we could see either the Penguin or Crab in the game in the future.

During Minecraft Live on Sunday, October 15 it was revealed that the Penguin was the mob to receive the least amount of votes from viewers, and while the Minecraft Mob Vote result for 2023 came later in the show, Mojang CCO Vu Bui had something interesting to say about mobs that lost out on the vote.

“Don’t feel too bad for the Penguin,” Bui says. “Remember, our little Frog friends didn’t win the vote either, but they still managed to hop their way into the game.”

Bui is referring to how despite the Swamp update, which would have included frogs, losing the sandbox game‘s biome vote in 2018, the hopping critters were still added to the game in 2022 with The Wild Update.

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This means that both the Penguin and Crab, which lost out to the Armadillo in this year’s Mob Vote, could very well come to Minecraft in the future. This is by no means a promise from Mojang, and it’s worth noting that no individual mob vote loser has ever been added to the game after losing out on the top spot in the annual competition. But never say never I suppose.

This little nod from Bui also comes as the player petition to stop the Mob Vote kept on growing during the live event. As of publication, the petition has over 500,000 signatures, providing a collective way for players to express disapproval towards potential mobs being revealed but then never added to the game.

Complaints like this didn’t stop the Mob Vote though, or Minecraft sales from reaching 300 million worldwide, but it does show how a growing portion of the active fanbase doesn’t like the principle of such a vote.

Will the Penguin or Crab get added to the game after Minecraft 1.21, which was shown off this past weekend? Only time will tell. The event was huge either way, as we got a look at the brand new Minecraft crafter, which is set to overhaul automation in the game, new Minecraft Star Wars DLC with lightsabers and Force powers, and so much more.

A lot of changes and new features are coming to the Mojang game, so be sure to check out over ever-expanding lists of the best Minecraft seeds, Minecraft skins, and Minecraft mods as the game gets bigger than ever.