Minecraft mod turns axolotls into yeetable explosives

One Reddit user has decided that axolotls should start pulling their own weight by becoming powerful projectiles with this Minecraft mod

Minecraft mod: a group of axolotl gather in Minecraft underwater

A new Minecraft mod lets you turn even the most adorable of axolotls into an explosive weapon. And why not? Minecraft is replete with adorable blocky creatures. It’s a veritable haven for lovers of wildlife, especially if you choose to play on creative mode, or just in a way that means you don’t have to fight. It makes sense, then, that someone would turn the cute critters into something else entirely.

This time around we’ve got Reddit user Zsazska to thank for their contributions to the world of silly Minecraft weapons, but also the Goat Horn and the humble Axolotl. Zsazska has decided that axolotls have had it good for far too long in Minecraft, and that they should try and be a little bit more helpful to the player when it comes to combat.

So, they have created a pack to give these little salamanders both velocity and some explosive power. All you have to do is use the pack, activate a command (/function axohorn:getitem), find an axolotl, and then right-click on it. Then you just need to right-click again to fire the little animal out of the horn to have it sail through the skies before it, uh, blows up.

Nobody’s going to win any awards here for learning how to treat an axolotl, but the sight of a poor little amphibian flying through the air is undoubtedly an entertaining one, even if it does end with a bang. It’s not just a strange sight, either, as the resulting explosion could make axolotls a viable weapon in both PvE and PvP, as well as making it fairly useful for mining hard to reach spots.

A new use for goat horns from Minecraft

Ultimately, though, it’s just another fun thing you can do in the building game. Although, we reckon you could take out any PvP player if you combined this with these silent lava traps.

If you’re looking for less axolotl-unfriendly news, the first Minecraft 1.19 snapshot is here, and it’s led to some stunning mangrove builds with the new blocks. We don’t have a proper Minecraft 1.19 release date yet, but we’re updating everything in our articles whenever we learn something new. If you want to find out how to treat Minecraft axolotls properly, though, you can follow that link.

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