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Minecraft mod revamps the Jungle Temple with an original boss

This Minecraft mod adds a huge selection of new things to the sandbox game, all centred around the Jungle Temple, including a new boss

Minecraft mod adds Jungle Temple boss that kills villagers to heal

A Minecraft mod can completely change the sandbox game into something else entirely, by doing things like adding in a fun new item or offering up potential upgrades to specific areas. There are a lot of options out there, depending on what you want to change about the game, but today we’re looking at one that aims to revamp the Jungle Temples.

As long as you know how to install Minecraft Forge 1.19, you can install whatever mods you want, from this Breath of the Wild mod, to an Elytra mod that helps flying feel a little cooler. The options are essentially endless, and new mods come out so regularly that you’d have to clone yourself several times and quit your job to even attempt to try them all out.

The Minecraft mod we’re looking at today comes from a YouTuber called Whimzee, who has taken it upon themselves to build a whole Minecraft update on their own in a week, and this one is focused on the Jungle Temple. Most people probably won’t give the Jungle Temple much attention in general, and that’s where this mod comes in.

While there are a few little tweaks in the mod, the main focus is a new boss called Sizin. Sizin is a boss who uses a variety of different AOE attacks to control the arena, and also summons bugs to bite your ankles. The main mechanic is focused on the villagers they have trapped in the arena though, because the boss will sacrifice them to heal itself.

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You could try and find a way to damage Sizin so quickly that they won’t have a chance to snack on the poor villagers, or you could just kill the villagers first if you want an easier fight. It’s a cool idea for anew Minecraft boss, and not something that vanilla Minecraft has access to.

You can get the mod right now by being a member of Whimzee’s Patreon, otherwise you’ll have to wait until January 4, 2023 for the full release. You can find out more in the YouTube video’s description.

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