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Minecraft mod helps boost Superflat worlds to a new level

This Minecraft mod is about one thing and one thing only in the sandbox game, and that's helping Superflat worlds be a little more varied

Minecraft mod superflat worlds. This image shows Alex in a superflat world.

This Minecraft mod helps change the way world generation works in the sandbox game, but only a specific kind of world. Not everyone has an interest in Superflat Minecraft worlds, but they offer an interesting way to play the game for a lot of people. Well, this mod makes them even better.

There are just so many Minecraft mods out there for people to try out. You can turn Minecraft into other games using things like this Breath of the Wild mod, or you can just change the way some of the Minecraft mobs look by grabbing this mob variant mod. The Superflat Biomes mod is a little bit different though, because it’s specifically designed to improve the lives of Superflat players.

Superflat worlds are pretty much exactly what they sound like: Minecraft worlds that have no hills, mountains, or anything else. They’re strange if you’ve never played on them before, but can offer a lot of fun challenges. One issue with them though, is that not everything in normal Minecraft can be translated into a Superflat world. Well, this mod changes that, and you can grab it from CurseForge.

This mod basically brings in everything that Superflat worlds are missing. That means you can still find ocean monuments, find all of the biomes, and still discover the structures you’re used to seeing in normal worlds. It just means there’s more to do and, while there are a couple of known bugs, it’s already one of the most exciting new additions to Superflat worlds we’ve had in a while.

One of the coolest things about a Superflat world is the ability to use them as a blank canvas for one of the best Minecraft builds. But hey, if you’re not into that, then maybe you’d rather just read about all the Minecraft 1.20 update details and expected release date.