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Minecraft music gets new biome-specific beats to build and relax to

New Minecraft music is added to the crafting game, with a variety of chill, lo-fi beats to build and relax to in the sandbox game from composer Aaron Cherof.

Minecraft Music - Sunny, a Minecraft character wearing a green t-shirt and blue overalls, stands in a clearing of cherry blossom trees

Minecraft music is one of those magical things that can just instantly melt away your stress and help transport you to a tranquil world of adventure, beauty, and wonder (just keep one ear out for Creepers). So the arrival of four new biome-specific tracks in Minecraft and an additional song that can be discovered through Minecraft archeology should be welcome news to the ears of sandbox game lovers everywhere.

Minecraft Snapshot 23W17A includes four new ambient music tracks that will play as you explore the open world and visit particular biomes. These include tracks for the Cherry Grove biome as well as the Flower Forest, along with iconic locations such as the Desert, Jungle, and Badlands.

The iconic tunes of Daniel ‘C418’ Rosenfield will always be tough to top, but these new songs are fantastic additions that perfectly complement their respective biomes, while the music disc track Relic is a real low-key head-jammer that I’ll definitely be blasting out as I work on building my next awesome Minecraft house. Composer Aaron Cherof says, “It was such a huge honour to get to work on this! Hope y’all enjoy the new tunes.”

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New Minecraft songs in Trails and Tales

Here are the new Minecraft songs added to the Trails and Tales update:

  • A Familiar Room – heard in the Jungle biome
  • Bromeliad – heard in the Flower Forest biome.
  • Crescent Dunes – heard in the Desert biome.
  • Echo in the Wind – heard in the Cherry Grove biome.
  • Relic – found on a music disc discovered by brushing suspicious blocks in Trail Ruins. Can be played using a Jukebox.

You can also listen to the full songs now on Spotify.

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