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Minecraft Star Wars mod lets you zap Creepers with the Force

Learn the ways of the force with this Minecraft Star Wars Adventure mod, allowing you and your friends to shoot with blasters or wield cool lightsabers.

Minecraft Star Wars mod: A blocky character from Mojang building game Minecraft

If you fancy telling your own Star Wars-themed story, you’re in luck, as there is a brand-new mod for Minecraft that adds all the characters from the original trilogy, several planets as biomes, and even allows you to create a custom lightsaber. So if you’ve ever wished to play in your own Star Wars sandbox game while also having the familiar gameplay mechanics from Minecraft, this Minecraft mod is possibly the best way to live that dream.

Many of the planets across the Star Wars universe are here as biomes. They look similar to their Minecraft counterparts, but this is just the first version of the Minecraft Star Wars An Adventure mod, which ‘BigChunkyBoi2543’,the mod’s creator, says is the first version. There’s a fair bit to explore, from planets, including Tatooine and Coruscant, to meeting characters such as Han Solo, Chewbacca, and more on your travels.

In the Minecraft Star Wars Adventure mod, you can meet many Wookies armed with Bowcasters.

As with some more ambitious Minecraft mods, this one comes with a few custom Star Wars items. There are eight different colors of lightsabers for you to wield, including the classic blue, red, and green sabers. Each one requires a Kyber Crystal Ore, which you can smelt in a Minecraft furnace. If you prefer to shoot at medium to long range, you can also craft blasters or a Wookie Bowcaster if you like a firearm with more punch.

If you somehow come across Emperor Palpatine roaming around the world, you can defeat him to get the Force Lightning item, turning you into a Sith Lord and granting you the ability to strike down your foes with electricity from your fingertips. Of course, you can settle down in one of the biomes and create your own film-accurate Minecraft house. It’s still early days, so hopefully, we can see more in future updates.

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You can download the Star Wars: An Adventure Minecraft mod to run on version 1.19.4. One slight hiccup you’ll likely run into is that this mod also requires GeckoLib 1.19.4-4 2 to run. You can find it all here.

Once you get it up and running, check out the best Minecraft skins to find one of several Star Wars looks to help you blend in. Of course, you’ll also want plenty of Minecraft diamond to help you on your way.