Minecraft Stop Mob Vote petition hits 350,000 signatures

The Minecraft Stop the Mob Vote petition has amassed over 350,000 signatures as the community unites to 'craft' some change in Mojang's sandbox behemoth.

Minecraft Stop Mob Vote petition gets 350,000 votes: A blocky character with blond hair tied back in a ponytail stands in a deep blue rocky area

Just days before the 2023 Minecraft Live, more than 350,000 Minecraft enthusiasts are calling upon Mojang to abandon the controversial Minecraft mob vote and instead incorporate all three mobs into the game. A ‘Stop the Mob Vote’ petition is rapidly gaining traction having already amassed thousands of signatures – and the number is expected to surge further as the opening of ballots draws near.

In the 2023 Minecraft mob vote, players are presented with the choice between three mobs: the armadillo, crab, and penguin. Designed to engage directly with the community to establish which new creatures they’d like to see added to the sandbox game, the mob vote has been a recurring feature of Mojang’s annual live events since 2017. However, a lot of players have expressed concerns about the fact that the mobs that don’t emerge victorious never make it into the full release of Minecraft, regardless of how close the margin of defeat may be.

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Launched on Saturday, October 7 by Holly Mavermorne, the petition has now surpassed 350,000 signatures at the time of writing. Serving as an open letter to Mojang, the petition is just part of a bigger boycotting movement that urges the publisher to halt the vote and instead introduce all three mobs.

In the latest update on the petition’s page Mavermorne has expressed her gratitude for all the support, and proposed a livestream event for the community. “Whether we win or lose I’d like to make something good of this community,” they write. Mavermorne’s livestream will follow Mojang’s as the community holds their breath, waiting to discover whether the petition has changed the minds of Minecraft’s developers. But in case the voting proceeds and only one mob is added to the game the event will celebrate the coming together of a community seeking “the betterment” of their game.

Mavermorne also hinted at featuring individuals from the community in her livestream, igniting the curiosity of many as to which of the big names in the world of content creation will turn up to join the fight alongside their Minecraft community.

A screenshot of a change.org petition showing over 350,000 signatures on the Minecraft Stop the Mob Vote petition

For now the Minecraft mob vote petition remains active, with official voting scheduled to commence on Friday, October 13, ahead of Minecraft Live which will take place this Sunday, October 15.

PCGamesN has reached out to Mojang requesting an official comment on the petition, and we’ll update this article if we receive any further information.

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